We are sure not all people know about this one. Only some of you who love science which can understand really well what we talk about. Today, we will give you useful information what is Black Hole. If you curious about this hole which located far from earth, see the details below.

Black hole Definition

A black hole located in the space which far from earth. This one is a place which shape like a circle. The gravity in this place is really high even the light cannot get out from this one after being sucked. This hole is quite dangerous because everything that near this one will get sucked away into a tiny space. Of course, this is not a threat to earth. It is located far from the solar system.

The Size of the Hole

Actually, the scientist does not know the exact size of the black hole itself, it can be small or big. For your information, people cannot see the hole with a space telescope. But, you can see it if it attaches to a special tool. The scientist concludes this one has a different size.  Also, it comes from different types. The largest one called “Supermassive” and the famous one is known as “Stellar”.

The Origin of Black Hole

black hole function

Most people wonder about this one, where the black hole comes from. Here, we will answer your question. Regarding the scientist, the black hole is come from when the universe created. We know it is sound ridiculous and unbelievable. But, it is the truth guys. Because the scientist can study stars. So, they can conclude the origin of the hole.

Is it Dangerous?

Do you think it will threaten earth? If you afraid it will destroy our beloved earth it will not happen actually. The black hole does not walk to eat a thing. This one only stays in one place and it will suck anything which goes near it. Also, the location of this hole is far from the solar system. It will not reach earth. So, do not think about a doom day.


That is the scientific study for today. Hopefully, it can enrich your knowledge about this universe. There are still many secrets which we do not know about this mysterious universe. Do not forget to give your comment on this matter. We would like to hear it and discuss with all of you. See you all again in the next awesome article.