Hi, guys, welcome to volunteertimes, the best website to find some useful information and tips. Today, it is really special because I would like to discuss C.A.T.S, the newest game on Play Store. People must be waiting for a game like this one. Why? Because this game is really addicting. As we know, nowadays, some of the games on Play Store are not worth to be played because they are just looking for profits but they don’t make a really good game. But, it is different to this one. Yeah, C.A.T.S is the game that we are looking for all the time. I also have been waiting for a game like this to be released. And now, it is here.

C.A.T.S: The Newest Game On Play Store

C.A.T.S: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is a PVP fighting game that will make you get addicted. This game has been released around a month ago by the same creator of Cut The Rope and King of Thieves games and it already has been downloaded over 5 million times. The response from the people who have tried this wonderful game is also good where it has got 4.6 for its rating. What a nice achievement, right?

I suggest you try it right now, guys because you won’t find all of the fun that this game brings to you from any other game that you ever played before. C.A.T.S is a really exciting game because it is not only has a stunning graphic but also a nice gameplay. How can I say that this game has a good graphic and gameplay? It is because I have played it and I also have┬áseen the review from several players who have tried it, too. On Play Store, C.A.T.S got a rating of 4.6 for its graphic and 4.5 for its gameplay. That’s more than good for a new game for android. So, overall this game is worth to be played and I’m sure you won’t regret to download and play it.

C.A.T.S: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Review

This game is a PVP fighting game where you have to lead your cat which acts as the main character in this game into the battle. Here, your cat will ride a war machine to fight the enemies. In order to win the battle, we need to collect some parts to be added to our ride. The better the parts, the easier you will win the battle.

In this game, there are some parts that you can apply such as the shape, weapon, wheel and some other equipment such as repulse, booster, and forklift. All those part is really important to increase the health and the power of our ride. Each part has different stats depends on the grade of the part. You can also decorate your ride with some stickers that you will get each time you open the box. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you where you can get the box. You can get it after you win a battle for three times. So, each three wins will earn you a box. And this box will give you some parts such as the shape, wheel, weapon, and sticker. But, you have to wait for several hours to open that thing.

The Features In This Game


Here, you are not only adding some parts to your ride but also upgrading each part to be more powerful. You can upgrade all the things on your ride so you can win the battle much easier.

PVP Battle

This game allows you to play and fight against other players from around the world in the PVP battle. And you can also battle in the championship so you can prove that you are the best in this game.

Tons Of Parts

There are so many weapon, shape, wheel, and gadget that you can add to your ride to increase its power.

Okay, guys, that’s all about the newest game on Play Store for today. I hope you like this game because for me it is really good and worth to be played. And I suggest you download and play it right now. Then, it is the end of my article, thank you for reading and see you in my next article.