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Block Strike Weapon Guide || The Best Weapon Which You Choose in this Game!

Block Strike one of the fun game on the smartphone which you can play together with your friends or alone. We are sure you have the same opinion as us.  Although the graphics are not really good, it can captive everyone heart to play it. Now, the reason why we made this guide because we want to tell you the best weapon in this game. Feel free to see Block Strike weapon guide to help you choose the best one.

Sub Machine Gun (P90)

This is the most classic and the useful one. The recoil of this weapon is really fast, so you can fire immediately without any delay. For the players who recently started the game, this is the best one indeed to help you learn about shooting game. Be sure to upgrade this one to the max to unleash its full potential.

Assault Rifle ( AK47)

If we talk about assault rifle, AK 47 is the best choice. We are sure you know this famous gun really well. The precision when you shooting with this gun is top notch. Also, the gun is quite light, so your character can run faster. Remember, the weight of the weapon affects your movement. In order to become the easy target of the opponent shooting range, you need to choose the suitable weapon.

block strike gun

Sniper  (AWP)

Not all people can become a great sniper. You need a great skill to shoot from afar or you cannot master the weapon effectively. Of course, you can bring the weapon close to the enemy but you will the one who lost the match first because it is quite hard to shoot AWP from short-range. For people who love to become a sniper, AWP is the greatest weapon which you can choose right away.

Shotgun ( Nova)

The best shotgun you can use in the game. We really like the impact of the gun. It will move an opponent from their position few inch. This is a great chance to shoot once again. In that state, your opponent cannot do anything except stay silent. You need a lot of currency to buy this one. But we think it is worth the effort.

block strike gameplay

Final Words

Now, you already know the best weapon which you can use in the game. If you need another recommendation, do not hesitate to write down your problem in the comment section below. We will gladly help you anytime. For people who want to get the currency right away, visit the link below.

If you need more information about a game, visit Igogam, We really recommend this one. You can find many articles related to gaming. See you in the next article, happy gaming guys!

Warframe Platinum Guide || The Best Method to Earn Platinum!

Everyone already knows how hard to get the main currency in this game. Because the developer will not give you easily especially for you who want to buy it with real money. For some people, they do not have any problem to purchase it but for the one who does not want to waste their money, see Warframe Platinum guide to help you solve your problem.


This is the easiest way to get platinum. You need to go to the trading forum and see the items which everyone wants. They will offer Platinum as the exchange for the item. We recommend going to the void mission to get the item. This is the best method to obtain it. Remember to get the highest rarity to get much currency. You can also offer your rare item to get the tremendous Platinum amount. But we do not recommend it. Probably all users in this game already know how hard to get a rare item. Keep it at all cost

Win a Competition

Sometimes, the game will open up a mini competition. If you manage to clear it, you can get platinum in return. Remember, this is limited time event. Clear it as soon as possible. If you have a hard time to do it alone, you have your friends to depend on.

warframe gameplay

Clan Prizes

Join a clan as soon as possible to get the free reward each month. The reward is random but you can get platinum in return. You can also participate in the clan battle regularly. If your clan become the winner, you can claim free platinum. For that reason, you must have a strong clan take advantages of it.

Twitter Quiz

The developer will give you 1000 platinum if you can answer the simple quiz on the official twitter account. But you need to be fast as possible because not only you who participate in the quiz. That is why you need to open your Twitter regularly for more information. Can you imagine what you can do with that tremendous amount of currency? We are sure you will become the richest person in the game.


Now, you already know how to get it. If you still have a hard time to obtain it, just PM us. We will tell you right away. We have a parting gift for you. Click Warframe free Platinum to visit a good website. We are sure you already know what you will get from it. We almost forgot, we also have the best game hack website which we review recently.

Dragonvale Review || The Best Game for Dragon Lover!

Are you in love with a creature called Dragon? If so, you need to play this game. The theme of this game is Dragon farm. You will see a lot of Dragon flying around the farm. For you who curious about this, see Dragonvale review below. We already summary all the information which you need to know about this one.

The Gameplay

dragonvale farm

If you ever played a farming game, you can feel the similarity between both of them. The only difference, you take care of Dragon in this game. First of all, you need to create a habitat for the Dragon to live. There are many habitat elements from fire, water, earth, and so on. You need to choose the one which suitable for your Dragon. You can feed your Dragon and play with them to increase the affection points. They can change form or also known as evolution.

Breeding System

What makes this game awesome is the breeding system. You can breed two Dragons and get a Dragon child. If you do not want to waste your currency to buy a new Dragon, this is the best method. Also, this is the only method to get super powerful one. We do not know yet the formula to get it. That is why you need to understand about the breeding system in this game completely.

dragonvale gameplay

Decorate Your Farm

Add a decoration to your farm to make it prettier. Decoration in this game is really helpful. Some of them can buff your dragon growth rate and speed up the breeding process. Although it cost a lot of currency, it is worth to do.


  • There are many activities in the game you can do from taking care you Dragon, manage your farm, breeding, and so on
  • It is not that hard to get rare Dragon
  • The game is really easy to play. All the players can enjoy the game without any difficulties
  • Evolution system is really great. It will change your Dragon appearance and make them cooler.


  • The game rarely get new update
  • It could be better if the game use 3D


What are you waiting for? Download and play this game right away. We are sure all the Dragon love will enjoy this one very much, we can guarantee. As for the score, we give it 78. Play with your friends and create the great Dragon farm. For people who looking for another great dragon game, we have School of Dragons game. You should try it at all cost. Last but not least, we have Dragonvale hack which we want to offer you. This is our recommendation for you to play the game easily. When we look the information about this game, we found it on the internet.

Hill Climb Racing Coins Tips || How to Get Coins Easily in the Game

How is your progress in Hill Climb Racing? Hopefully, you can play this game without any problem. If you have a problem especially with coins, we can help you. You must read Hill Climb Racing coins tips from ours. We will tell you the fast way to obtain coins immediately. Without any further ado, let us get tons of coins in this game!


Here, we will tell you what you need to do before you obtain the coins.

hill climb racing moon

Choose the Best Vehicle

In order to get more coins, you need to use the suitable vehicle for a mission. Before that, you need to check your inventory you have the vehicle or not. What you need are Snowmobile, tank, the kiddie train, and bicycle. Be sure to prepare these vehicles. We recommend you unlock all of them with your precious coins. Do not need to worry, you can get it back instantly.

Upgrade Your Vehicle

Upgrade all your vehicles which we mention above. This is a really crucial thing which you must do in this game. It does not matter you cannot fully maximize the status. At least you can upgrade all of them. It is better than nothing. So, do not need to worry to sacrifice a lot of coins in the process.


We have some stages which you can use to farm coins instantly. You will get tons of it immediately if you follow our recommendation.

hill climb racing air time


The best thing about this stage because you can find many jumping points. It means you can do air-time regularly and collect many coins in the process. We are sure you can feel the differences between another stage and this one. Do not choose a light vehicle or it will flip away easily. Our recommendation is Snowmobile or tank. Even though both of them start slowly this is the best vehicle which you can use.


You will find many coins scattered around on the stages. You can choose the vehicles you want to use from a bicycle and the kiddie train. If you choose bicycle you can easily go to the above road which has more coins to obtain. If you want to play safe, you can choose the kiddie train instead. This vehicle has a good balance. The success rate to finish the stage is almost 100% but the coins you get is not that much.

Final Words

That is about the tips. Hopefully, you can get the main currency of the game easily. We pray for you the best. If you still have difficulties, we recommend you use our findings. Click Hill Climb Racing hack tool to get unlimited coins. This is your greatest chance to get it within a second. We also have an article to help you recognize kinds transportation that exists around us. Do not forget to see it.

Fire Emblem Warriors Review || Amazing Action Game Which Capture Everyone Hearts!

Fire Emblem, one of the legendary strategy RPG from Nintendo. You already how amazing this game. In the newest FE, Nintendo takes a different approach. This game becomes an action genre similar to Dynasty Warriors. You can meet many different Fire Emblem characters. Unfortunately, not all of them make an appearance. For further information about this, see Fire Emblem Warriors review.

Two Protagonists

You need to choose between male and female protagonist in this game. Actually, it does not matter which one you choose, both of them have the same skills. In other words, they only have different looks. If you want more strength, choose the male lead. If you want more resistance to magic, the female lead is the best choice. Also, both of them have the same storyline. We do not see any purpose why the developer insists us to choose the protagonist.


fire emblem warriors gameplay

This is one play similarly to Dynasty Warriors game. So, if you already familiar with that game, you will not find any difficulty. You still need to take the enemy fort and base camp in order to win the game. What we really like in this one, you can order the characters to go to the specific location and capture the enemy base automatically. You can also change the character in the middle of the battle. Do not forget the special skill. The function is the same as Dynasty game. You can also unleash a special skill with your partner to deal greater damage.

3DS or Nintendo Switch Version?

This game released on 3DS and Nintendo Switch. So, which one you need to pick? Actually, there is no different at all. If you want a bigger screen and better graphics, of course, Nintendo Switch version is the one you should aim. If you want to have an easy navigation to play the game, 3DS version is the best. You can focus battle the enemy on the above screen and the bottom screen, you can see all the useful information about the map, enemies, and the objective.


  • All Characters have fantastic combo scene
  • There is no complicated mechanism to play the game. Everyone can play it easily
  • There are many character costumes which you can unlock

fire emblem warriors attack


  • Repetitive gameplay which leads to boredom
  • There are not many characters to use
  • It is quite hard to obtain a high-quality weapon


If you love Fire Emblem franchise, you need to try this game. The iconic characters in this game like Marth and Chrom already enough to play this. As for the score, we give it 80. It is not that bad as you think. If you want another great action game, we have the unique one entitled Shadow Fight 3. See the amazingness right away!

Roblox Customization Guide || Customize your Roblox Looks Right Away!

Day by day, this one is really entertaining. You can do many unexpected things in this game. That is why the population of the players who play this increase dramatically. We also played this game, it is not easy to part away with this. Here, we will offer you Roblox customization guide. We will you give you the passcode and guidance to have the best avatar looks.

Customization Guide

Here we will explain all the items which you can use to customize your avatar and change the appearance completely. Of course, this is based on our opinion. If you have a different thought, we cannot blame you.

roblox avatar customization


For the face part, we choose alien and awkward grin. Both of them is the best for us. We always change into one of them. Also, in some stages, both of them really crucial. For example, if you play on the stage which uses alien theme and wear an alien part on your avatar, you will get more reward at the end of the stage. Do not forget the bonus item which scatters on the stage.

The Passcode

Alien: 31317701

Awkward Grin: 15018250


As for the hairstyle, we choose Afro as the best one. There is no significant effect if you change your hairstyle onto it. But, you can imagine how ridiculous if we combine it with alien face. Remember this is a fun game, you need to make your avatar looks fun.

The Passcode

Afro: 12270336


For you who do not like to wear a hat on your Roblox avatar, you can ignore this one. But, if you love to wear them you need to read this one at all cost. We have some best hat you can equip. We have three favorite hats, there are Alpaca Mount, Racing Helmet, and Ranger Hat. As for the looks, you do not need to doubt it. This is the best one you can acquire.

The Passcode

Alpaca Mount: 34668599

Racing Helmet: 6379764/

Ranger Helmet: 13335289

roblox avatar editor


Last but not least, you can equip accessories to make your character looks perfect. There are many accessories which you can use. Some of them have an additional buff. Of course, this is your task to find out which one has a great ability. As for us, we like Guitar Sword and Beast Claws. Unfortunately, both of them only a normal accessories. But, it is really cool to bring a guitar sword in this game.

The Passcode

Guitar: 60357982

Beast Claws: 10528976

Final Words

Do you like our customization recommendation? If so, we really happy. Do not forget to tell us which looks you prefer from our guide. We will gladly to hear it. Now, for people who do not have enough resources, you can visit this great website. Here, you can get Roblox free Robux to buy your resource immediately.

Shadow Fight 3 Free Gems, Get it Instantly!

Free gems are really important if we want to play Shadow Fight 3. It is really hard to get it as we have to spend our money if we want to get it instantly. However, some people do not have money to spend and they are being a free player. This is really frustrating as we cannot do anything without gems in this game. Even, you can only get the best cards if you spend your gems to buy card pack.

The developer seems to be greedy because they could not share this with everyone. It creates a  really difficult situation. We have to understand this one because they create this game with money but there is some alternative way we can use in order to get free gems.

This method is suitable for everyone but we really recommend for someone who does not have enough money to purchase the gems package because if all people use this method. It will give a loss to the developer itself. So, we must consider it.

Get Free Gems Easily

The best part of this one, we do not need to learn how to code such as using Cheat Engine to find any hex which is related to our hack. By using this one, you will need only to use your mouse and keyboard to run the generator. This is really easy to do.

How to get it then? You can get it by visiting our Shadow Fight 3 hack. Once you are there you can visit the access button. Do not forget to read all the instruction given.

Generator Rules

Please remember, after you receive free gems to your account. You have to wait up to next week until you can create the other request. Please keep in your mind, if you exceed the usage the system will be automatically rejected.

WWE Supercard Credits Giveaway, Free Credits? Why Not?

Is it really hard to get credits in this game? We would like to let you know about WWE Supercard credits giveaway. We can get free credits here without spending a single penny to buy from its store. The reason why should you use it because it is safe from banned and the speed of the hacking process is extremely fast such as blinking your eyes.

This giveaway is available only for some players. If you are lucky enough, you can get credits easily to your account. However, if the slot is already used at all. Then, you must wait for a couple week before the generator opens for public again. The reason they limit it because it can help the hack tool to not be revealed by its developer.

Spending a single penny is not required if you want to get free credits. As the title said “Giveaway”. Then, you will get free credits without any requirements. All you need to do is to use our tool which would be described after this one.

The hacking speed is extremely fast. It is better than any other hack tools around the world. We are sure, we are the best one where no one can beat our speed process. Are you ready to enter this credits giveaway? You may refer to these following steps where we have to create it as easy as possible even for a baby.

  1. You will need to click this link: WWE Supercard hack
  2. Once you are there, read all the instructions, review, and find out the button
  3. Click the button and you will be redirected to the splash page where you need to create a connection between your computer to the server.
  4. Wait for the connection process, it may take up to a min but it depends on the server traffic.
  5. Enter the generator by clicking “Proceed”
  6. Select how much credits and enter your username or Gmail address
  7. Wait up to a min until you are redirected to a successful page that you have just received what you have requested.

We hope this article can help you a lot to get free credits into your WWE Supercard account. We are sure you would love using this one because instead of its free cost. We are also safe from any banning chance if the developer checks its system because the credits you received would be marked as a purchased item.

MAN! I Just Got Free Starbucks Voucher from Star Code!

For everyone who loves drinking a coffee at Starbucks. They should know what star code is, we are sure you would like to get free star code. Anyway, we have a great experience with this all as we receive free Starbucks star code to our account.

It is really hard to believe at the first time because to get star code is quite hard. Maybe, we must order hundreds drink to get free redeem for the coffee itself. However, it comes to my mind that I have to do it as I was lack of money.

Let us make the story short, I tried the generator of star code itself. I was unsure at the first time but I would give one shoot there to see what happen. After filling out my email and username. Then, create a connection to the server.

Finally, I received my free code. It was sent to my email within a min. I was so happy at that time because I do not get the star code but I got the free voucher but hold on, I thought it was a star code.

How do I know if this voucher is valid? I went into Starbucks in the Evening to ask about the voucher. I was at the cashier, the queue is a bit long so I have to wait. After my waiting time, I met the cashier and I show the voucher. I wish it is valid because I was hanging out with my GF there and I was lack of money.

After, the cashier took away my voucher and give it to his acquaintance.  Then, he said that this voucher is valid and it worth $ 50 but I must use the balance as the remaining cannot be withdrawn and I need to provide my identity. I still remembered that day, the first day I can buy many coffees as I want. 😀

If you guys want to know how did I get it, you can check Starbucks star code page. I am sure you would need it because it is free. Unfortunately, we can only exchange it once per event. Anyway, you can use your mother name after this. Lol.

How to Get Legendary Cards in WWE Supercard

Today, we would like to share something unique on playing WWE Supercard where we will talk about legendary cards. Everyone who plays this game tends to have this card but the chance to get it is not high as we need to buy with credits if we want to have them. We are going to show you the best method to get legendary cards without spending a single buck from your pocket.

Legendary cards are the most important part of this game. They can help us to beat every single match. No matter what opponent you are facing as long as they do not use legendary cards to beat you then you have a really big chance to win.

How to Get Legendary Cards?

To get them we can do many things, actually, we can get them for free by doing fusion. However, it would not be easy as you thought. There is a secret combination with a low success rate of receiving it. You would need lots of credits if you want to do fusion.

Recently, we have just found a secret method where you are able to generate credits within a min. We will share it in this article so you have to keep reading to know what it is.

WWE Supercard Generator

Here is what we would like to provide to you. You will never find this one before. You might but it could not work as your expectation. We have tested it for about 8 times and the result is extremely amazing. We can get free credits based on the game package. So you have nothing to worry if your account would be banned. This method is 100% safe to use.

If you want to use the generator you may take a look at WWE Supercard hack while you are there, you may select how much credits would you like to have but you must ensure that you follow all the steps given because it is crucial to follow.

What Can We Do after We Receive it?

You can buy cards as many as you want then you can fuse them all to receive legendary cards. Imagine if you do not do this one. You would be lack of resources so then you cannot do anything. That is why you need the generator to get free credits into your account. If you have not visited it, feel free to check the link above and click it.

As the conclusion, this method is 100% work, it has been used by many players where they are totally satisfied with what the generator provides. Do not miss this opportunity as this generator could not work sometimes. So, use it right now before you regret it.

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