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Bitcoin Growth Since Last Decade | The Biggest Currency Ever!

Bitcoin is known well by many people because it has a high growth since last decade.  We cannot resist that this can be a future gold in our life. The worst part of all almost 80% bitcoin has been mined right now.  Many people mine this thing to support their life. They sell this one to a marketplace or buy a nice thing for their life.

The growth of bitcoin is really fast. If we take a data from last decade (2015). The open price is at $100 average per bitcoin but after 2017 it grows very quick. The peak was at $ 15.000 (this is truly a really high currency rate ever). Based on Notícias Bitcoin. The rate is on $7638 at this time. It can also increase in the next future. We will just need to wait to sell our bitcoin.

We can ensure that bitcoin has its potential to the world economy.  There are many people who accept bitcoin as the main payment when we buy a product. We can use bitcoin to purchase everything since they believe that bitcoin is easy to sell. It is now easy to buy a product with bitcoin. It is totally different from last time where no one accepts bitcoin because its popularity was low.

Bitcoin is The Best Stuff to Invest

Like the gold, bitcoin can also have many benefits for us if we invest it into our wallet. We can sell it later to earn extra profit. There are numerous bitcoin marketplaces which sell this stuff. We just need to serve our money and make a payment for bitcoin.

It is now your time to get bitcoin since it is truly important to invest. Investing our money should grow it in the next future. That is why we recommend this epic thing ever for you.

Company Relocation Service, Why Should We Use Them?

Do you have a company where you want to relocate it to the new region? Do not worry we would like to share the best company where you can use the service and you just need to sit and let them handle it for you. Moving a company can be overwhelming tiring since we need to start everything from zero. Then, why we recommend you to use company relocation service?

Low Cost

Sometimes, the budget can be high if we handle it alone. We need to rent the truck, the porter and so on. It would be better if we pay in a package then we just need to pay it at a fixed price. We should not consider any advance cost in the future since everything has been included there.

Save Your Time

Besides that, it would also save our time where we can use it into something useful. That is why using cross country moving companies can be necessary for us since they will handle everything from our old office to the new office. We just need to pay them and let them handle everything for us.

Secure & Safety

It would gonna be secure if we use a company service. They have lots of experience. We can say they are professional. It would be better to leave it to them since there could be some risk if we move it by ourselves. Especially for someone who does not have any experience before

Once you have moved your company to the new location. The company can start operating again since everything has been handled by the professional. We recommend you using company relocation service since they know what they should do to move your company. Do not worry, as they will do their best!

How to Trust Someone || See The Crucial Information on Voluteertimes!

Trust someone is really crucial if you want to deepen your relationship with others people. If you do not believe them, anything they say to you will useless. You will doubt it everytime. We know it is nothing wrong to doubt someone but you need to believe them too. If you can do that, they will also believe in you in return. Here, we will give you information how to trust someone based on our experience.

Observe a Person’s Actions

The first thing which you can do is observe the person’s action. It is really easy to say something big but it is hard to take action. If you want to open your heart to believe someone, you need to start from this one. You need to observe the person’s action. We know when they talk a big word from their mouth is sound trustworthy. But if they cannot support it with a good action it is futile in the end.

People Always Make a Mistake

You cannot find a perfect human in this world. There is no perfect one at all. We tend to make a mistake. You cannot distrust someone if they make a lot of mistakes. Do not measure people become trustworthy or not from their mistake because it is impossible. Before you know them quite well, do not say anything bad.

trust someone

Give Your Trust

In order to trust someone you also need to offer your trust first. We know it is really tough especially when the person betrays your trust. Before you can trust someone, you need to do this. If they feel relax around you, they will tell more about themselves. This is your great chance to measure if the person can be trusted or not.

Trust Yourself

You need to trust yourself. It does not matter if you do not want to trust someone but you cannot do the same with yourself. You only dig your own grave. Anything a person says to you is futile because you cannot believe in yourself. That is why you need to clear this problem right away before it is too late. Although it looks really simple it is not actually.

Final Words

That is the four methods to trust someone. Hopefully, our simple tips can help all of you. If you cannot do it effectively, you can ask us for more details. We will help you anytime to solve your problem for sure. Do not forget to visit Voluteertimes again for more useful information related to your daily lives.

Tips to be Patient With Kids || Follow the Easiest Method From Us

Sometimes, kids are really hard to deal with. They are really annoying and make us angry at them all the time. But we cannot blame them for that because they seek your attention. As a good adult, you need to respond to them with a care. For you who have a hard time, we have the tips to be patient with kids. Check out all the information right away.

Ask the Children What they Want to Do

If you see your child behave strangely, it means they want to play with you. You can ask them what they want to do. We are sure they will respond to you. Be sure to grant the wishes of your child or they do something that makes you angry for sure. A child is really an honest human being, they will express their like and dislike without any hesitation.

Child is a Human

You must remember, children is a human too. Sometimes they really annoying and hard to deal with. For people who cannot restrain their emotion will get mad for sure. As a result, they will yell at their children. As a good parent, you cannot do that. Children have a feeling too. If you do this, their respect for you will decrease for sure. We are sure you notice some children who get yell everyday by the parents will turn into a bad one when becoming an adult.


Show Interest in Children

In order to be patient with children, you need to show interest to them. We are sure if you like children, you can take care of them effectively without need getting mad at them. Of course, the children will like you back in return. For your information, if a human show interest to another one, they will like you back in return.

Be Grateful

Sometimes, when you really busy with your deadline, your children will disturb you. Every people in this world will get mad for sure. But you need to think more, this is your child you do not need to get mad. It is normal for the child if they want to play with their parent. Also, you need to be grateful, there are some people who cannot give birth to a child. You need to take care of them because that is your own children.


Hopefully, our tips can help you to overcome your problem. If you still have a problem, do not hesitate to report us. We will help you as soon as possible.  We also have the best cartoon of all time which suitable for your children.

How to Find Pinback Button for Our Campaigns?

Do you run a campaign at this time? What campaign do you run anyway? Do you get difficulties of driving engagement? All your question can be answered here. Just keep reading the article, we will cover the gold mine for you and it could be a problem solver for you.

Running a campaign is really difficult as we have to consider many aspects to make it successful. To do this, we must do analyzation on what we have received on our campaign. However, the great campaign should come with pinback button. It can help you a lot to help people remember your campaign. By giving free pinback button. People can use it on their shirt after that the other will know what the pinback belongs to.


How to create it? We have recently found a website and also one of their customers. They really made an outstanding work. We can create a pinback button based on the app then their designer will handle everything for our needs. Now, this is your turn to give them a try to create a pinback button.

Why Should We Order From Justbuttons?

  1. Fast production
  2. Free shipping
  3. Experienced designers (They will handle everything for you, just give them the draft)
  4. Custom it from their website (You do not need to come to their place as you can make it online then just wait for a couple days).

By using their service, your campaign should be run very well and the most important thing. Most people will recognize more.  The website currently has more than thousands of happy clients and we hope you can also be one of their happy clients. Do not hesitate to use their service anymore. They really know what they do to make a great impression.

5 Smartphone Charging Tips that Can Save Your Battery

Smartphone has become one of the things with the biggest affection in human’s life as it has so many functions such as a communication tool. entertainment, and much more. Many people are bringing this thing wherever they go and a full battery is a must so we can use it for a long time. But, we also need to maintain the life of a smartphone battery in order to do that by doing the right way in charging its power. Here, we have some smartphone charging tips that you can follow to keep your battery last for a long time.

charging tips

Do not Let the Battery Drop to 20 Percent

Many people are letting their smartphone battery drop until just 20 percent or less before charging. They think that charging the battery when it still got some power will harm it. Actually, it is totally wrong. the truth is it will be broken easily if we often charge it when the power is dropping to 20 percent. It is better if we do charging when the battery is still at 40 or 60 percent as it will keep our battery’s lifespan.

Use the Original Charger

We often use a charger from the other devices or not the original one when we forget to bring theirs. Sometimes we also use a power bank when we are traveling.  Actually, doing both ways are not recommended since it can harm our battery. In some cases, a smartphone that is charged by a different charger often blow up because the charger is not suitable for it. That is why using the original charger for our smartphones is safer and it the battery will not easily be broken.

Do not Use the Smartphone While Charging

While charging the battery, we often still using our smartphones such as playing games, socializing in social media, and etc. Actually, there is nothing with that. But, it would be better if we let the battery gets recharged until it is full. If we still playing it, we will force the battery to work twice and it will take a lot of time until it is fully recharged. At the end, the battery will be leaked and its power will drain quickly.

Remove the Protective Case

A lot of people are using a protective case in order to protect their smartphone from an impact and to beautifies it as well. And the fact is that people are still using the protective case while they charge the battery. In fact, keeping the case while charging will give a bad effect because the battery will be heated up since the case is blocking the battery to maintain or cooling down the temperature.

Never Leave the Smartphone Charging All Night Long

We must ever experience charging our smartphones in the middle of the night before we sleep but, we often forget to plug it off. As the result, it is charged for hours until the morning comes. This will break the battery itself because it gets too many power and if we do it very often, the battery will get low easily although we have charged it until its full. Then, try not to charge our smartphone when we are about to sleep.

Final Words

That is all simple charging smartphone tips that we can share with you. Make sure to pay attention while or before charging the smartphone as it will help you to save the battery’s lifespan. Thanks for reading and we really hope that it can be really helpful. And for more information or tips, you can simply visit our website volunteertimes.

3 Interior Designs for Living Room that are Suitable to be Applied for Our Living Room

We could say that living room is the heart of a house since it is the place where most of our activities are done. It is not only used as the place to gather and spend our time with family but also to accept the guests who come to pay a visit. For that reason, this part of a house is really important. That is why we need to choose a good design in order to create a positive impression not only for us but also the people who come to our house. And here, we would like to help you in deciding the right design for your living room by sharing these 3 interior designs for living room.

Minimalist Interior Design

A minimalist interior design will fit the style of the people who love a simple design. This one does not use too much furniture inside the room and make prioritize of the bright and soft color like white, cream, and etc. Having a living room with this design will give a lot of space that of course, will make it more comfortable. The use of white color will also give a clean impression that will be loved not only by us but also the people who pay a visit to our house. Below here, we have some examples that you should check out.

minimalist living room

© Stefanie S.

The first example already shows how good minimalist living room design is. The design looks outstanding although it uses less furniture. The furniture color that matches the wall color also makes this design more comfortable to see. This would be a perfect choice for the people who do not like a living room with too much stuff.

minimalist living room 1


Similar to the first example, this one also uses the minimalist design. As we can see, this design is so universal. We can also use a darker color for the furniture and combined it with a bright wall color. Look at how spacious this design with the existence of only a small coffee table, couch, and a plant as the decoration. For those who want to have a spacious living room, better you add this design to your list.

Contemporary Interior Design

A contemporary living room is a really good choice to be applied for our living room. This design prioritizes all the things that look modern starting from the furniture, decoration, even the wall texture. For the color, we can use some dark color like brown, gray, or black, and mix it with the brighter color like white or cream. Overall, it will beautify our interior living room and your guests will love it when they visit our house.

contemporary living room

© Pedro Gandra

The example of modern interior living room design can be seen from the picture above. As we said before that this design uses a lot of dark colors like black for the sofa and gray for its floor. A modern furniture also needed to increase the modern impression of our living room.

contemporary living room 1

© Jelle Zeelenberg

A living room design like this is really suitable for modern people who like the things that look modern. We will not regret to have a good living room like on the examples above. So, we recommend you not to forget to add this design to your reference list.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian design prioritizes a simple and elegant design. This one makes use a lot of woods for the ceiling and flooring. It is suitable for the people who want to save electricity because this one uses a lot of large windows in order to let the sunlight penetrate the room.

scandinavian living room

© Nyde

A living room design that uses this concept prioritize a neutral color such as white and gray, and it has become the characteristic of this design. Usually, the neutral color is used for the flooring, ceiling, and the wall. The furniture also uses the similar color. Just take a look at the furniture above where the table uses the white color and the sofa uses the gray one.

scandinavian living room 1

© Slavena Mileva

The second picture also shows us how Scandinavian design looks like. Same as the first picture, this one also uses a neutral color and it uses the woods for the flooring and ceiling. We can see also the large window in this living room that becomes another characteristic of this design.

Final Words

Those are the living room designs that we can share. So, is there any of them that you like? Hopefully, our article can help you in deciding the suitable design for your living room. Choose the design that suits you the most in order to get the best out of your living room. And do not forget to check out Roohome website to find more about interior designs for living room.

The Scariest Movies that Ever Made | Check It Out Here!

Movie has become one of the most favorite entertainment in a modern society. Many genres of a movie are available starting from an action, comedy, romance, horror, and etc. Nowadays, a movie with a horror genre has become so popular where there are so many movies with this kind of genre are released. In this occasion, we are going to share some of the scariest movies that are worth to be watched.


Insidious is a 2010 movie which directed by James Wan. This movie will not only scare the viewers but also will give a shock therapy as well. Maybe the ghost is not too scary but we will be shocked a lot by their emergence. The surrounding and atmosphere inside the film also give an additional fear to the viewers. The story begins with a comatose child from a couple named Josh and Renai. After three months of their son’s comatose, paranormal activity begins to occur around their house starting from hearing sounds, seeing an unknown figure and etc. During that time, many scary things happen.


Another James Wan horror movie that will make us fear entitled Conjuring. The movie is quite similar to Insidious where shock therapy is more dominant because of the ghost emergence rather than the appearance. Conjuring is a good movie to scare us because the story tells about an exorcism of the wife in Perron’s family. During the movie, we will see a lot of frightening and shocking events that will make us fear to death.

The Visit

This movie is not telling the story of ghost or something mystical. It is the story of two grandchildren who stay overnight with their grandparents. After a few days, they feel so many weird events in the house until they realize that they are living with the wrong grandparents because their actual grandparents are already dead. The people they are living with are actually escaped patients who already killed their grandparents. Starts from this moment a lot of thrilling events will appear.

Lights Out

It is true that we should afraid of the dark. It is that we are going to find when watching Lights Out. In this movie, a horrible dark figure will come out through the dark and haunts people. It is a good horror movie because it will make the viewers feel scared to watch it alone. The emergence of the horrible figure also will shock us a lot. That is why we put this one on our list because it is one of the most frightening movies until now.


IT is the latest movie that was just released in 2017. We put this one on the list because it can be categorized as the best horror movie of this year. This movie features a horrible clown figure, not a funny clown that we usually see. Scary and thrilling are the words that we can use to describe this movie. The movie is about a group of kids who try to find their friend’s little brother who disappeared a summer before. During the search, they are haunted and terrorized by the clown and they are trying to find the way to beat IT.


Those are the scariest movies that we should watch. You should watch it all if you feel that you are brave enough to watch it. Hopefully, our list above could help you in deciding which one that you should watch first. Then, thank you for the attention and see you soon.

Subway Surfers Tips And Tricks That You Need To Know

Subway Surfers is the best running game that will entertain you gives you a lot of excitement. So, who likes to play this game? I’m sure that all of you must love this game. And if you do like to play it, you should see my article today about Subway Surfers tips and tricks. These tips are really useful and it can help you to make a great progress in this game.

Subway Surfers Tips And Tricks

Take The Power Ups As Often As You Can

In this game, there are several power-ups that can be used to help you while running from the pursuit of the security and his dogs such as Super Sneakers, Jetpack, 2X Multiplier, and Coin Magnet. These power-ups items have different uses. The Super Sneakers will help you to jump higher so you can jump the train that comes over you. The jetpack will make you fly so you can collect a lot of Coins along your flight. The 2X Multiplier will double the speed of the score. And the Coin Magnet can make you easier in collecting Coins. You can get more Coins when you use this power-up item.

Upgrade The Subway Surfers Power Ups

Upgrading the power-ups is really useful so you can use them longer. Try to upgrade them one by one if you already have enough Coins. Don’t keep your Coins because if you haven’t upgraded the power-ups, it will be more difficult for you to gain more Coins. So, spend it on the power-ups first and after that, you can do whatever you wanna do with the Coins.

Stay Up High

The best thing that you can do to minimalize the risk of crashing is by staying up high. If you have the chance to get on the train’s roof you have to take that chance. Stay up on top of the train is safer than staying on the ground because there are a lot more obstacles when you are on the ground. So, try to get on top of the train as often as you can.

Use The Hoverboard When Necessary

Here, there is a limited item that you can use called Hoverboard. This is a collectible item that you can obtain during the game. You can use it to give you a protection from a bump. When you get bump while using this item, you can still run but the Hoverboard will be gone. So, when you met a situation where you will bump something, use the Hoverboard to save your day.

Clear The Daily Challenge To Get Coins

We can say that it is the easiest way to get a lot of Coins. The Daily Challenge will give you a day to get all the letters and clear it. But, don’t worry because this is not as hard as you are thinking. This Daily Challenge is very very easy to do. Even you can clear it just in one run.

Connect To Facebook And Take The Advantage

You can connect your Subway Surfers game to your Facebook account so you can challenge your friends highest score. But, it is not the only thing that you can get from connecting to Facebook. You can also get a bunch of free stuff such as hoverboards, Coins, and much more. Okay, that’s the end of my Subway Surfers tips and tricks.

How To Get Rid Of Hiccups? | volunteertimes

Have you ever feel hiccups? I’m sure all of you must ever experience it, right? When the hiccups come, it won’t stop until we do some ways to get rid of it. This is really annoying and disturbing, isn’t it? It makes us hard to speak. I also ever feel this experience for several times. But, do you know how to stop it? I will answer this question by giving the tips on how to get rid of hiccups. I have tried all of the tips above and all of those ways work. Now, let’s check this out.

The Tips On How To Get Rid Of Hiccups?

Hold Your Breath For Several Times

The first way that you can do to overcome hiccups is to hold your breath. This way is very easy to do because you just need to hold your breath for several seconds before you release it. Maybe sometimes this can be helpful and sometimes not. But, if it is not successful on the first try, you have to try it again for several times until you succeed to get rid of it.

Drink A Glass Of Water

One of the best ways to get rid of this problem is drinking a glass of water. The water can help you to eliminate the hiccups naturally. Just take a glass and fill it with the water to the brim. You can rinse or drink the water.

Scare Yourself Or Ask Your Friends To Do It

The next way is by scaring yourself. You can watch a horror film which can scare you to eliminate the hiccups. Or you can ask some help from your friends to scare you. This way is proved so effective because when we are scared or surprised, it can stimulate the nerve which causes the hiccups.

Eat A Teaspoon Of Sugar

The next way of how to remove hiccups fast is by eating a teaspoon of sugar. Eating the sugar is also one of the easiest and natural ways to remove hiccups. All you have to do is just take a teaspoon and put some sugar on it. Then, just put it in your mouth, chew and swallow it slowly.

Breath Into A Paper Bag

Just find a clean paper bag and then use it to inhale and exhale your breath. This way also can help you to get rid of the hiccups. Try to inhale and exhale your breath for several times until the hiccups have gone. Many people have tried this one and it proved effective.

Those are the ways that I can tell about how to get rid of hiccups. What do you think about the ways that I have given above? Have you tried it? Is it useful? So, if it is very useful, I want you to share it with all of your friends out there so they can overcome their hiccups too. Don’t be a stingy person, okay. Helping other people is really good, guys. So, thank you and see you again next time.

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