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How to Understand Women Better? See The Tips on Volunteertimes!

A woman is really hard to understand sometimes. You need to have a good skill to understand what they mean. If you cannot do that, they will get upset at you. For men who hard to understand women, we created simple tips to help you. Hopefully, it works 100% because women behavior is really hard to read.

Biological Differences

The first one is about the biological differences. Men tend to think logically. But, women cannot do the same. They will use their feeling instead think logically. As the men, you need to understand this. Sometimes, we can see why women and men have a fight because of this problem. Also, they also more sensitive than men. So, we need to care for them.


Each woman has different behavior. For example, you have a sister and she is like to buy many accessories to make her prettier. But, you cannot think all women do the same. We live our own life, you will find different behavior in each human being. From now on you cannot think all women is the same.

Good Listener

This one is really surprising indeed. A Woman really like a man who can listen to their story all the time. You do not need to give any answer, just listen is enough to lift a problem in their heart. Of course, not only women but also men feel the same. But, most of the women in this world really like this method.

man and woman

Have a Sense of Humor

A woman like a man who has a sense of humor. They will feel happy around you because you can make them laugh easily. That is why, if you have a woman you love, the first thing you must do it to make them laugh. Believe it or not, they will give you a slight interest. It means, you already get inside their interest zone. So, you can process further with your relationship.

Ask Simple Questions

If you want to understand women better. You can ask them simple questions like their hobby, passion and the purpose for the future. Most women tend to be shy if they do not recognize you. So, for the starter, you can ask a simple question to make them interested in you.


It is not hard to understand women if you know the key. The important one, you need to watch out your words when talking to a woman. If you upset her, it will take a long time to recover from it. We are sure you already know what we mean by it.

The Best Ways To Lose Weight | Get Some Useful Tips Here!!!

For some people having a fat body is a big problem because it will affect their confident when they meet the people with a slim and perfect body. And it does not only happen for the women but also the men. Although the main problem of having a fat body is not that but our health. Yeah, maybe you still looks good even you have a fat body. But, do you know that actually, it is not good for your health? Having a too much fat in your body is not good as it seems to be. So, we need to try to lose some fat in our body to get a more healthy life. And now, I will tell you some of the best ways to lose weight that you can try yourself at home.

The Best Ways To Lose Weight

Don’t Eat Too Much

One of the main reason your body get fatter is because you eat too much food especially when you eat some foods which contain a lot of carbohydrates such as rice, potato, cereal, beans, and much more. Those kinds of foods will make your body gain bigger in a very short time. Moreover, if you consume it more than the recommended amount.

Set Your Diet

If you want to lose weight easily, you need to set your diet. If you usually eat 3 times in a day in a big portion, you can try to reduce the amount of food that you eat. You can try to eat more frequently like 5 or 6 times in a day but in a smaller portion. And you can also drink some water first before you eat. This way can help you to make your stomach fuller.

Start Exercising

This is the easiest way to reduce weight that you can do. Exercise is really effective if you do it with intention. You can start by a simple exercise such as jogging, running, or gymnastics. Doing an exercise can make you drain a lot of sweat. And when you are sweating, the fat in your body will get burned so your body weight will reduce step by step.

Stay Away From Sweet Things

People get fat not only just because they eat too much food. One of the main factors is because they love to eat snacks, especially which has a sweet taste such as candy, chocolate, and much more. Actually, the habit of consuming sweet things is the one who makes your body get fatter easily. The foods that I have told you, contain a lot of sugar in it and sugar will increase the fat in your body. So, you need to stay away from those things if you want to lose your weight. At least, try not to eat too much sweet food.

Motivate Yourself

All of my tips above is nothing if you don’t have any motivation to do it. So, it is important to motivate yourself while you are about to reduce the fat in your body and make it looks slim. You can try to put a picture of a person which has a good body shape in your room or wardrobe. Then, when you see it, you have to say and put it in your mind that you can be like him/her and you want to become a person which has a good body.

That’s all the about the best ways to lose weight for today. I hope my tips above can help you in reducing your body weight. So, never give up to get your ideal body and have a nice try, guys.

Who Is Donald Trump? | Get The Information About Him Here!!!

Nowadays, the world is stirring with the news that Donald Trump has been elected as the new president of the United States, replacing the old president Barrack Obama. Many people have shown their disappointment by declaring protest and demonstration to reject the decision to make him president. And some of them are very happy to hear that news. They think that Trump can make a difference for America. But, besides all of the pro and contra, do you know who is Donald Trump? If want to know about him then, just check out this article.

Donald Trump Slogan During The Campaign

Who Is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump Biography

Donald John Trump is the new and current president of the United States. He became the 45th president in the U.S. history. Trump was born in Queens, New York City. He has been married three times with Ivana Trump as his first wife, Marla Maples, and Melania Trump, his current wife which is he married in 2005. From his marriage, he was blessed with four children they are Ivanka, Tiffany, Eric, Baron, and Donald Trump Jr.

Before he was elected to be a president, Donald Trump pursues a career as a successful businessman. He joined with his current party, Republican since 1987. But, he then quit that party in 1999 and joined back in 2009 until now. He ever considered running for president in 1988, 2000, 2004, and 2012. Also, for governor of New York in 2006 and 2014 but he didn’t make it. But now, he has won the race to be the number one person in America.

The Controversial Man, Donald J Trump

As the U.S. president, Donald Trump is not out of controversy. Even he made a lot of controversies before he was elected as the president. For example, during his campaign, he got so many rejections from the American people. But, many people also support his plan to ban some Muslim countries that vulnerable to terror from entering the United States. People think that it is a religious discrimination. He said, ” there are so many Muslim people who hate America so it is important to reject them”.

Even his discrimination to the Muslim doesn’t stop there. He also suggests Muslim people must have a different identity card. They will be registered into a different database and he forces them to have it. Although everything that he is doing right now is to keep America safe from terrorism, it is not right to judge Muslim people as the source of terrorism. Just because Islam is their religion, they are suspected.

The other controversy of Trump is when he wants to build a border wall between America and Mexico. He do this to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants and drug traffickers. Even now, he has ordered to build the wall with 12 meters high and more than 2000 kilometeres long.


That’s all that I can share about who is Donald Trump for today. I hope this article can enrich your knowledge about him. Leave your comment in the box below and share this article with your friends. Then, thanks for reading and don’t forget to alsways visit my website volunteertimes.

How To Clean The House | 6 Steps To Get A Clean House

Cleaning the house is one of our daily activity that we have to do for each day. The objective of doing this activity is to clean the dirt, dust and other dirty things that stuck and spread around our house. But, do you know where you have to start cleaning? And by the way, how to clean it? Don’t worry, guys because I will give you some tips on how to clean the house that you can apply at home. I’m sure you will love to clean everything after you read this article.

How To Clean The House

Make A List First

I have six steps to clean a house and this is the first one. When you want to clean your house, don’t just get started without any plan. I suggest you make a list and decide which one do you want to clean first. This way will help you to do your job faster and more effective. I always do this first before I clean my house.

Clean The Furniture

Before you clean the floor, better you clean all of your furniture first such as wardrobe, table, chair and etc so you don’t need to sweep the floor twice. Use a wet cloth to clean the dust which sticks on your furniture. Make sure you clean all of it so it can be free from the dust.

Go To The kitchen

After you clean all the furniture, it is time to go to the kitchen. Here, you have to clean the equipment that you have used to cook the food such as frying pan, spatula, plate, spoon and much more. We have to clean them all from the grease and oil. Then, dry it one by one and put them to the place where they belong to. And don’t forget to wash the kitchen sink after that.

Now It Is Your Bedroom’s Turn

You sleep and take a rest in this room. Of course, it must be mess up after you have used this room. So, the next step is clean your bedroom. You can start with tidying up the mattress, organize your clothes, the paper that you have thrown to the floor and other small things that scattered on the floor. Put back your clothes to the closet if it hasn’t used or brought it to the laundry if you have used it.

Clean the Bathroom

Bathroom needs to be clean up regularly. So, in this room, you have to clean the toilet, shower or tub and the other things that available in this room. Cleaning the bathroom is important to stay away from the bacteria and virus which can bring disease.

Sweep And Mop The Floor

This will be my last tips to clean the house for today. After you have done all of the things above, it is time to clean up the floor around your house. I used to sweep the floor first to clean the dust and dirt which spread on the floor before I mop it up. But, if you don’t want to use the broom, you can use the vacuum cleaner. This thing will make your job easier and you don’t have to waste a lot of energy.

It is easy to clean the house, right? I’m sure you will love to do this job after you apply my tips above. Then, I think that’s all about how to clean the house that I can share with all of you. I hope it can help you a lot. Thank you, guys, for reading this article and don’t forget to leave your comment.

How To Be A Good Person According To Me

Become a good person is easy actually. But, for some people, it is hard to do because there are some bad things in themselves that are difficult to be removed. Being a good person is really nice. We can be useful for other people and also for ourselves. So, for you who want to know about how to be a good person, you can check out my article below. I have some easy ways that you can apply so you can be a good person.

How To Be A Good Person?

Always Be Honest

One of the ways to be a good person is to be honest. In order to be a good person, we have to be honest to every people. For example, if we are making mistakes to someone, we must have the courage to be honest. We cannot tell a lie to someone especially if they are your best friends or your own family. Telling a lie is the beginning of becoming a bad person.

Help Others

We have to help other people around us if we want to be a good person. Helping other will make a good impact/influence to ourselves. Do everything that you can even it is just a small things. Don’t underestimate a small thing because it will have a big impact for someone that you help.

Hold Your Anger

Try to hold/control your anger when you are arguing or fight with someone. Sometimes we ever have a fight with our friends or family. Every people must experience it before. But, don’t make the problem getting longer. Don’t fight the fire with fire. You have to hold your anger and talk to them with a cool head. Rather than fighting without and end, better you talk together and resolve the problem.

Listen To Others

Being a good person is not only by helping others. You also have to be a good listener. Listen to other people can help you to be a good person. People often feel they are more important than others. Then, they don’t want to hear anything from other people because they are thinking that they are always right. it is not good to act like that. And while you are listening to others, you have to pay attention. Don’t get distracted by your cell phone or anything that can lose your attention. Try to be a good listener.

Respect Other People

This is the last tips to be a good person. Show your respect to other people, not just because they are older than you. You also have to show your respect to the other. It is not important if they are older than you, at the same age as you, or even younger than you. You have to respect everyone. Treat every people with kindness. Don’t be rude and mean to others. That’s how you respect other people.

It is easy to be a good person, right? All you have to do is do your best to achieve it. Every people can be a good people. It depends on how they try to be like that. Okay, guys, I think this is the end of how to be a good person for today. Hopefully, you ca be a good person by following the ways above. I’m so glad you want to read my article. So, thank you for it and see you, guys.

Face Care Tips | Ways To Take Care Of Your Face

Hi, guys welcome to the most favorite website kevindailystory. Today, I would like to tell you about some face care tips. As we know, it is very important to keep our face healthy so it is free from acne and other faces problem. Some people often don’t care about their face. Whereas, we need to clean it regularly to remove the dust and the dirt on our face. If we have a clean and healthy face, your face will look brighter. Now, let’s check out some ways to take care of your face below.

Face Care Tips

Wash It Regularly

This is one of the best ways to take care of your face skin. In order to have a healthy face, you need to clean your face by washing it regularly. At least, wash your face twice in a day. In the morning after you get up and in the afternoon after you have finished your activities. But, don’t use too much face wash because it can make your face dry. If you want to use it, just use it once in the afternoon. And in the morning, just wash your face with the water.

Drink A Lot Of Water

Drinking a lot of water is really good to keep your skin hydrated from the inside. Your face skin will be dry if you don’t drink enough water for each day. Drink eight glasses every day is enough to hydrate your skin.

Use A Moisturizer

Keeping our face from dehydration just from the inside is not enough. We need to do it also from the outside. So, using a moisturizer is the answer to make your face skin stay hydrated. Moisturizer is used as an added protection for our skin. As we know, our face skin has its own protection to keep it stay hydrated but it is not enough if you don’t help it with moisturizer.

Choose The Best Face Wash

If you want to clean your face by using the face wash, make sure you use the best one which suits your skin type. Every people has a different type of skin. So, don’t choose your face wash carelessly. If you do it, you will just irritate your skin and finally, your skin will be damaged.

Eat Healthy Food

It is important to eat some healthy food to provide nutrients for your face skin. Your skin also need some vitamins to help it to stay healthy. You can try some vegetables and fruits to get the nutrients that your face skin needed.

Don’t Use Makeup Too Often

For the women, they really like to apply some makeup to make them look beautiful. Actually, there is nothing wrong about that. But, it will damage you face skin if you use it too often. It is because your makeup will block the pores which can cause some face problems.

That’s all that I can tell you about face care tips for today. I hope you like this article and it can help you in taking care of your face skin. And if you have some comments or suggestions about this article, just share it in the comment box below. Then, thank you for reading and see you next time, guys.

How To Stay Healthy And Fit Based On My Opinion

Hi, buddies, it is good to see you visiting my website. How are you today? I think you are good, right? By the way, my topic for today is about how to stay healthy and fit. I would like to share some tips about it based on my own opinion. As we know, it is important to stay healthy and keep our body fit. A healthy body is priceless. People said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It means that we have to keep our body healthy start from now rather than you will be sorry in the future. So then, just check out my article below to find out how to stay fit and healthy naturally.

How To Stay Healthy And Fit?

Don’t Be Lazy To Exercise Everyday

It is important for us to keep our body healthy. And to make it happen, you must have a work our or exercise everyday. At least once in the morning for each day. Doing and exercise can help you to maintain your immune system in your body and keep your body fit during your activity.

Drink A Lot Of Water

Drink a lot of water is important to keep your body hydrated. Experts suggest drinking at least eight glasses of water everyday. Water is very good to maintain our health so it is good to drink lots of it. But, always remember not too over because it will be not good for your health.

Eat Vegetables And Fruits

Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamins that our body needs. Vitamin can help us to treat our body’s health. Each type of vitamins has a different function. For example, vitamin D for your bone, vitamin C to strengthen your immune system, vitamin A is good for your eyes.

Stay Away From Fast Or Junk Foods

Maybe this one is hard to avoid because all people loves it. Just to be honest, they are also my favorite foods. But, the fact says those foods are not good for our health. You may think it is delicious even more delicious than home cooking. So, if you cannot stay away from them, at least just try to reduce your portion in consuming fast food.

Don’t Eat Too Many Snack

This is my last tips to keep healthy and fit. Some people may think if they can stay away from fast or junk food, they can have a healthy body. Actually, it is not enough, there is still one more thing that you should avoid. Yeah, that’s right, it is snacks. As we know, snack is very delicious. Moreover, for the kids. But, it is not good to consume it a lot. Usually, snack contains a lot of sugar which can make our body fatter. For example, cakes, candies, and much more. Then, it will make an impact on your health.

Okay, guys, I think that’s the end of my article about how to stay healthy and fit for today. Hopefully, it can gain your knowledge about health and can be useful for you. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends who may need these tips. Just for your information, you can share your comment in the comment box below. So, don’t hesitate to share it with me. Then, thank you for reading and see you in my next article.

The Best Ways To Learn English Based On My Experience

Hi guys, welcome to my website where you can find a lot of tips and information. Today, I would like to give you some tips about the best ways to learn English. As we know, some people said that this language is hard to be learned. Actually, it is not as hard as you imagine. I think it is one of the easiest languages that we can learn. Maybe you use the wrong method to learn this language. If you want to know, we can learn and understand English not only by learning like the usual such as at school, in the course, or other places to learn. So, just check out this article so you can find out about how to learn English easily.

The Best Ways To Learn English

Learning By Doing

Learning by doing is one of the easy ways to learn English. It means that when you are learning a language especially English, you have to speak rather than just listening to the teacher all day long. Better you speak with some people who can speak English. For example, if you are a student, you can speak with your own friends by using English whenever you want. Not only when there is an English lesson. And it is better if you can find someone which is a native speaker. By doing this tip, you can train and increase your ability in many aspects like speaking and also vocabulary.

Listening To The Music Which Uses English

For the people who loves to listen to the music, it is a good opportunity for you to learn English. By listening to the music in English, we will hear a lot of English words from the lyric and of course, you will get so many new words that you may never hear before. If you do this, you will get a lot of new vocabularies and automatically you will also learn about the pronunciation. How can it be? It is because you will hear the music for many times and automatically you will listen to the singer who sings the song. Then, you will remember how the singer says the words. Also, you will try to find the meaning of some words that you don’t know before.

Watch A Film Or Video In English Without Reading The Subtitles

It is good to watch a film or video because it can help you to increase your ability in listening. And it is better if you can avoid reading the subtitles in your native language while watching the English film or video because it can distract your concentration while listening to the speaker in the film. But, if you think that it is quite hard to understand what they say without the subtitles, you can use the English subtitles to help you. But, don’t just focus on it because reading the subtitles is not your goal.

Okay, guys, I think that’s all about the best ways to learn English for today. What do you think? Is it useful for you? I hope my article can help you to learn English in an easier and fun way. And I also hope that you can share this article with your friends who may need some help in learning English. Remember sharing is caring. Then, thank you for reading and see you in my next article.

The Best Wedding Ideas From The Best Website

Hello my friends, welcome back to my website, a place where you can find a lot of useful information and tips. Today, I will share something different than usual. Now, I will tell you the best wedding ideas that I got from the best website on the internet. Actually, wedding is a phase where people go further to the next step of their relationship and be united as a new family. Many people say that wedding is the happiest day of someone’s life. I agree with that thought. That’s what I feel although I’m not married yet. My happiness comes when my sister got married actually. I’m so happy for her. Of course, it is not easy to make a plan for a wedding. But, I got some help from a website which serves so many wedding ideas for my sister’s wedding day.

The Best Wedding Ideas From The Best Website

As I said before that I found this website because of my sister. She needs some of the best wedding ideas that she can apply for her wedding day. She asked me to help her to find it because she needs to do something else for her wedding. Then, because she is my beloved sister so I helped her to find it. I don’t know where I should be started so I try to find it on Google. After hours of searching without a good result, I finally found this website.

Roowedding, it is the name of this wedding website. Here, I tried to found something that may be useful for my sister’s wedding day. As the result, I’m really amazed and also happy because they have a lot of good wedding planner starts from the decoration, theme, dress even the cake. And I love the garden wedding decoration ideas that I found on this website. There is also some good dress for the groom and the bride. So, I recommend all of those unique wedding ideas for you who wants to get married and have your own wedding party. I’m sure that you will be amazed, too if you see what they have for your wedding plan.

Thank You Roowedding

I would like to say thank you for the website that gives me a lot of inspiration for my sister’s wedding party. Thanks for the ideas and the information. I hope this website can give a lot of inspiration not only for me but also other people who may need a reference for their happiest day. And now, my sister have celebrated her wedding party by using one of the ideas from Roowedding website and the party was really successful. She is very happy with those ideas that I got from this website. Once again, thank you so much.

Okay, guys, I think that’s all that I can say about the best wedding ideas that I got from Roowedding. Hopefully, you can get an inspiration from that website and you can fulfill your dream to get the best wedding party with your beloved mate. Thank you for reading and see you in my next article.

How To Cure Acne On Face | Tips From Me

Hello, guys welcome back again to kevindailystory. This is the best website that you can find on the internet. Today, I would like to share about how to cure acne on face.  I choose to discuss this topic because there are so many people who have face problems. And one of their problems is pimples. Actually, this is also one of my face problems that I ever face but now, I can handle it. It is because I do some ways to get rid of acne on my face and I will share it with you. So, let’s check it out, guys.

How To Cure Acne On Face?

Wash Your Face Frequently.

This is the first tips about how to prevent pimples. I suggest you wash your face frequently at least twice a day because it can remove dirt and oil on your face. But, ideally, you have to wash your face three times in a day, at noon, in the morning and in the evening when you take a shower.  It is important to keep your face always clean because a dirty face often causes acne.

Don’t Touch Your Face Or Pomping Your Pimples.

Your hands have so many bacteria and dirt after you use it for a day long. So, you should avoid touching your face with your hands because it will transfer the bacteria from your hands to your face and it will make the pimples spreading on your face.

Don’t use too much make-up.

This suggestion is for the women. I suggest you not to apply too much make-up and try to use it as lightly as possible. And don’t forget to remove your make-up with a facial cleanser after you finish your day.

Use A Moisturizer.

It is important to make your face moist. So, it is good if you use a moisturizer after washing your face to keep your face moisture. Moisturizer is functioned to rehydrate your skin and prevent your face from becoming dry and irritated.

Drink A Lot Of Water.

Water is not only good for your health but also it is good for your skin face. Why? Because it flushes all of the harmful toxins that can cause a skin problem.

Eat A Healthy Food.

It is very important to eat a lot of healthy food. But, I suggest you not to eat too much oily food because it is not good for your face. Oily food has a negative effect for your skin face and it can cause acne.

Okay, guys, that’s all that I can share about how to cure acne on face. What do you think about it? Is it useful for you? I hope it can help you to resolve your face problem and to cure your pimples on your face. I never forget to remind you to share this information with your friends, especially who needs an information like this. And if you have a comment or a suggestion, don’t be shy to share it with me. I will be glad if you can share what you are thinking about. Thank, guys for reading my article and see you.

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