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MAN! I Just Got Free Starbucks Voucher from Star Code!

For everyone who loves drinking a coffee at Starbucks. They should know what star code is, we are sure you would like to get free star code. Anyway, we have a great experience with this all as we receive free Starbucks star code to our account.

It is really hard to believe at the first time because to get star code is quite hard. Maybe, we must order hundreds drink to get free redeem for the coffee itself. However, it comes to my mind that I have to do it as I was lack of money.

Let us make the story short, I tried the generator of star code itself. I was unsure at the first time but I would give one shoot there to see what happen. After filling out my email and username. Then, create a connection to the server.

Finally, I received my free code. It was sent to my email within a min. I was so happy at that time because I do not get the star code but I got the free voucher but hold on, I thought it was a star code.

How do I know if this voucher is valid? I went into Starbucks in the Evening to ask about the voucher. I was at the cashier, the queue is a bit long so I have to wait. After my waiting time, I met the cashier and I show the voucher. I wish it is valid because I was hanging out with my GF there and I was lack of money.

After, the cashier took away my voucher and give it to his acquaintance.  Then, he said that this voucher is valid and it worth $ 50 but I must use the balance as the remaining cannot be withdrawn and I need to provide my identity. I still remembered that day, the first day I can buy many coffees as I want. 😀

If you guys want to know how did I get it, you can check Starbucks star code page. I am sure you would need it because it is free. Unfortunately, we can only exchange it once per event. Anyway, you can use your mother name after this. Lol.

How to Be Attractive Men || See the Secret Right Away!

Become attractive men is not really easy. There are many aspects you should show to the public. Because of that, we decide to help you how to be attractive men. If you do not know how to do it, read our article until the end to find the answer. What are you waiting for? See it right away to solve your problem.


It is not easy to change your personality. We are sure all of you have a hard time to do it. But it is required in order to become more attractive. The opposite sex like men who kind and reliable all the time. Be sure to remember that. Now, if you want to attract their attention, you need to start from there. Keep trying and someday it will bear a fruit.


You need to consider your looks. See in the mirror about your appearance. If you think it is not great, you need to change it from the hairstyle and your clothes. If you confuse which style is the best, you can follow the trending style right now. Believe it or not, your appearance in public is really important to decide you are attractive or not.

Become Funny Men

All people like jokes, it will make them happy and forget their problem. To become attractive men, you need to have this trait at all cost. We know it is not easy to tell a joke especially if it is not funny. Not only make the situation worst but also all people will get upset. For references, you can read the book how to tell a funny joke or watch a comedian show. It is kinda ridiculous but it is worth the effort for doing so.


Always Help Another People in Needs

A human can help each other in needs is the great one. It does not matter you only help a little bit. If you keep doing it, the people who watch you will get attracted. This is the easiest method you can do if you cannot fulfill the requirements above. Do not think it is a hassle to help each other. It is a good deed if you can do it.


Follow our tips right away to become attractive men. We know it is like a dream to become like that but if you keep trying, you will become one eventually. If you want to ask something about this, we will gladly to answer all the question.

How to Understand Women Better? See The Tips on Volunteertimes!

A woman is really hard to understand sometimes. You need to have a good skill to understand what they mean. If you cannot do that, they will get upset at you. For men who hard to understand women, we created simple tips to help you. Hopefully, it works 100% because women behavior is really hard to read.

Biological Differences

The first one is about the biological differences. Men tend to think logically. But, women cannot do the same. They will use their feeling instead think logically. As the men, you need to understand this. Sometimes, we can see why women and men have a fight because of this problem. Also, they also more sensitive than men. So, we need to care for them.


Each woman has different behavior. For example, you have a sister and she is like to buy many accessories to make her prettier. But, you cannot think all women do the same. We live our own life, you will find different behavior in each human being. From now on you cannot think all women is the same.

Good Listener

This one is really surprising indeed. A Woman really like a man who can listen to their story all the time. You do not need to give any answer, just listen is enough to lift a problem in their heart. Of course, not only women but also men feel the same. But, most of the women in this world really like this method.

man and woman

Have a Sense of Humor

A woman like a man who has a sense of humor. They will feel happy around you because you can make them laugh easily. That is why, if you have a woman you love, the first thing you must do it to make them laugh. Believe it or not, they will give you a slight interest. It means, you already get inside their interest zone. So, you can process further with your relationship.

Ask Simple Questions

If you want to understand women better. You can ask them simple questions like their hobby, passion and the purpose for the future. Most women tend to be shy if they do not recognize you. So, for the starter, you can ask a simple question to make them interested in you.


It is not hard to understand women if you know the key. The important one, you need to watch out your words when talking to a woman. If you upset her, it will take a long time to recover from it. We are sure you already know what we mean by it.

How to Get Legendary Cards in WWE Supercard

Today, we would like to share something unique on playing WWE Supercard where we will talk about legendary cards. Everyone who plays this game tends to have this card but the chance to get it is not high as we need to buy with credits if we want to have them. We are going to show you the best method to get legendary cards without spending a single buck from your pocket.

Legendary cards are the most important part of this game. They can help us to beat every single match. No matter what opponent you are facing as long as they do not use legendary cards to beat you then you have a really big chance to win.

How to Get Legendary Cards?

To get them we can do many things, actually, we can get them for free by doing fusion. However, it would not be easy as you thought. There is a secret combination with a low success rate of receiving it. You would need lots of credits if you want to do fusion.

Recently, we have just found a secret method where you are able to generate credits within a min. We will share it in this article so you have to keep reading to know what it is.

WWE Supercard Generator

Here is what we would like to provide to you. You will never find this one before. You might but it could not work as your expectation. We have tested it for about 8 times and the result is extremely amazing. We can get free credits based on the game package. So you have nothing to worry if your account would be banned. This method is 100% safe to use.

If you want to use the generator you may take a look at WWE Supercard hack while you are there, you may select how much credits would you like to have but you must ensure that you follow all the steps given because it is crucial to follow.

What Can We Do after We Receive it?

You can buy cards as many as you want then you can fuse them all to receive legendary cards. Imagine if you do not do this one. You would be lack of resources so then you cannot do anything. That is why you need the generator to get free credits into your account. If you have not visited it, feel free to check the link above and click it.

As the conclusion, this method is 100% work, it has been used by many players where they are totally satisfied with what the generator provides. Do not miss this opportunity as this generator could not work sometimes. So, use it right now before you regret it.

The Best Game Consoles in 2017 || Choose Your Favorite One!

A Console game already become an important part of a gamer. If you are one of them, you will agree with our statement. Right now, 2017 almost over, we will list the best game consoles which you can collect to satisfy your gaming needs. Find out the lists below.

Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch

The newest console from Nintendo after the failure of Wii U. What makes this one amazing, you can both play on the TV like PS 4 and change it into a handheld form like Nintendo 3DS. You can also take off the d-pad when playing it on the TV. The pad will act as a controller. Unfortunately, the battery it is not really powerful if you play the game in handheld mode. It can only survive up to 3 hours. Now, for the graphics quality, it is on par with Wii U. The remarkable game from this console without a doubt are Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild.

PlayStation 4

ps 4

In the second place, we have PS 4 which have solid games line up. Actually, if we compare with another console game in term of game quality, PS 4 become the winner. Why? The reason is quite simple because many great games come to this console. Especially for people who played RPG game, this is the best console for you. To make it more awesome, you can play VR game which is a plus point. As for the game, we have Final Fantasy XV who push this console engine to its own limit. The best FF game out there although many people do not agree because the gameplay completely changes from usual game.

Xbox One

xbox one

The rival of PS 4. Xbox one does not want to lose either. In term of graphics quality and online service, Xbox one surpasses PS 4. So, it is no wonder the price of this console really expensive. Microsoft Corporation wants to give users the same experience to access an online feature in a game console like PC. If you love shooting game or RTS, this is the best one. You can find tremendous of shooting game in this console.


nintendo 3ds

On the last entry, we have the Nintendo handheld. We can say for sure in term of handheld experience, 3DS is the best. As for PS Vita, it is already failed to deliver it. If you looking for a game console which you can bring anywhere, you already find it. The 3D effects, dual cameras, and big screen (4,8 inches for 3DS XL) are enough to make you satisfied. The best games from this console are Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and Mario series.


So, which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below. As for us, all of them is the best one. It is back to the people again, what game do you want to play? If you can answer this question, you will find which match your style.

What is Black Hole? Uncover the Secret Behind This Hole In Our Website!

We are sure not all people know about this one. Only some of you who love science which can understand really well what we talk about. Today, we will give you useful information what is Black Hole. If you curious about this hole which located far from earth, see the details below.

Black hole Definition

A black hole located in the space which far from earth. This one is a place which shape like a circle. The gravity in this place is really high even the light cannot get out from this one after being sucked. This hole is quite dangerous because everything that near this one will get sucked away into a tiny space. Of course, this is not a threat to earth. It is located far from the solar system.

The Size of the Hole

Actually, the scientist does not know the exact size of the black hole itself, it can be small or big. For your information, people cannot see the hole with a space telescope. But, you can see it if it attaches to a special tool. The scientist concludes this one has a different size.  Also, it comes from different types. The largest one called “Supermassive” and the famous one is known as “Stellar”.

The Origin of Black Hole

black hole function

Most people wonder about this one, where the black hole comes from. Here, we will answer your question. Regarding the scientist, the black hole is come from when the universe created. We know it is sound ridiculous and unbelievable. But, it is the truth guys. Because the scientist can study stars. So, they can conclude the origin of the hole.

Is it Dangerous?

Do you think it will threaten earth? If you afraid it will destroy our beloved earth it will not happen actually. The black hole does not walk to eat a thing. This one only stays in one place and it will suck anything which goes near it. Also, the location of this hole is far from the solar system. It will not reach earth. So, do not think about a doom day.


That is the scientific study for today. Hopefully, it can enrich your knowledge about this universe. There are still many secrets which we do not know about this mysterious universe. Do not forget to give your comment on this matter. We would like to hear it and discuss with all of you. See you all again in the next awesome article.

How to Find Pinback Button for Our Campaigns?

Do you run a campaign at this time? What campaign do you run anyway? Do you get difficulties of driving engagement? All your question can be answered here. Just keep reading the article, we will cover the gold mine for you and it could be a problem solver for you.

Running a campaign is really difficult as we have to consider many aspects to make it successful. To do this, we must do analyzation on what we have received on our campaign. However, the great campaign should come with pinback button. It can help you a lot to help people remember your campaign. By giving free pinback button. People can use it on their shirt after that the other will know what the pinback belongs to.


How to create it? We have recently found a website and also one of their customers. They really made an outstanding work. We can create a pinback button based on the app then their designer will handle everything for our needs. Now, this is your turn to give them a try to create a pinback button.

Why Should We Order From Justbuttons?

  1. Fast production
  2. Free shipping
  3. Experienced designers (They will handle everything for you, just give them the draft)
  4. Custom it from their website (You do not need to come to their place as you can make it online then just wait for a couple days).

By using their service, your campaign should be run very well and the most important thing. Most people will recognize more.  The website currently has more than thousands of happy clients and we hope you can also be one of their happy clients. Do not hesitate to use their service anymore. They really know what they do to make a great impression.

IGoGam, The Best Game Hack Website that Working 100%

A game hack is quite popular this day. Everyone tries to find their own favorite game but it is not easy to find the working one as we must have an effort to give a try. We recently, give a try on several sites and we found a website that really does the job. It is called as IGoGam. They share from game hack to codes. It depends on what things do we need.

Talking about IGoGam, we thought many people already know about the website as it has been so popular with many reviews from their loyal users. The website also looks clean and really create an amazing experience while reading their article. We also give two thumbs for their language usage which is easy to understand.

Our First Trial

We have tried 2 games in IGoGam, the first one is Battle for The Galaxy and the second one Cafeland. The generator works like a charm without any glitch. It was shocked us because we can receive all our requests within a min. It is even faster than a Ferrari car.

We try to use each game hack for every 3 accounts. However, their success rate is not really perfect. From 6 accounts as our trial, we received 1 account which needs human verification. We do not have time to do it as our first attempt has been failed. So we are going to skip that account. However, the rest hacked perfectly.


Here, we are going to tell about some guidelines that you have to follow while using this hack tool. We have read their terms of use and they have a limit for each account which only allowed to generate once a day. They do not recommend to generate another package on the same day as it could risk their client’s account. So, make sure you have to understand this rules properly before using the hack tool.

Another rule that you have to know is to not request from the same IP address. They recommend us to use a proxy IP or VPN server because it could be safe rather than generate from the same IP.

These all about game hack that we could find. There are dozens game hack websites out there but to find the working one is not easy. We have recommended IGoGam as the best one because their success rate is higher among others. Feel free to give your comment after using this generator.

5 Smartphone Charging Tips that Can Save Your Battery

Smartphone has become one of the things with the biggest affection in human’s life as it has so many functions such as a communication tool. entertainment, and much more. Many people are bringing this thing wherever they go and a full battery is a must so we can use it for a long time. But, we also need to maintain the life of a smartphone battery in order to do that by doing the right way in charging its power. Here, we have some smartphone charging tips that you can follow to keep your battery last for a long time.

charging tips

Do not Let the Battery Drop to 20 Percent

Many people are letting their smartphone battery drop until just 20 percent or less before charging. They think that charging the battery when it still got some power will harm it. Actually, it is totally wrong. the truth is it will be broken easily if we often charge it when the power is dropping to 20 percent. It is better if we do charging when the battery is still at 40 or 60 percent as it will keep our battery’s lifespan.

Use the Original Charger

We often use a charger from the other devices or not the original one when we forget to bring theirs. Sometimes we also use a power bank when we are traveling.  Actually, doing both ways are not recommended since it can harm our battery. In some cases, a smartphone that is charged by a different charger often blow up because the charger is not suitable for it. That is why using the original charger for our smartphones is safer and it the battery will not easily be broken.

Do not Use the Smartphone While Charging

While charging the battery, we often still using our smartphones such as playing games, socializing in social media, and etc. Actually, there is nothing with that. But, it would be better if we let the battery gets recharged until it is full. If we still playing it, we will force the battery to work twice and it will take a lot of time until it is fully recharged. At the end, the battery will be leaked and its power will drain quickly.

Remove the Protective Case

A lot of people are using a protective case in order to protect their smartphone from an impact and to beautifies it as well. And the fact is that people are still using the protective case while they charge the battery. In fact, keeping the case while charging will give a bad effect because the battery will be heated up since the case is blocking the battery to maintain or cooling down the temperature.

Never Leave the Smartphone Charging All Night Long

We must ever experience charging our smartphones in the middle of the night before we sleep but, we often forget to plug it off. As the result, it is charged for hours until the morning comes. This will break the battery itself because it gets too many power and if we do it very often, the battery will get low easily although we have charged it until its full. Then, try not to charge our smartphone when we are about to sleep.

Final Words

That is all simple charging smartphone tips that we can share with you. Make sure to pay attention while or before charging the smartphone as it will help you to save the battery’s lifespan. Thanks for reading and we really hope that it can be really helpful. And for more information or tips, you can simply visit our website volunteertimes.

3 Interior Designs for Living Room that are Suitable to be Applied for Our Living Room

We could say that living room is the heart of a house since it is the place where most of our activities are done. It is not only used as the place to gather and spend our time with family but also to accept the guests who come to pay a visit. For that reason, this part of a house is really important. That is why we need to choose a good design in order to create a positive impression not only for us but also the people who come to our house. And here, we would like to help you in deciding the right design for your living room by sharing these 3 interior designs for living room.

Minimalist Interior Design

A minimalist interior design will fit the style of the people who love a simple design. This one does not use too much furniture inside the room and make prioritize of the bright and soft color like white, cream, and etc. Having a living room with this design will give a lot of space that of course, will make it more comfortable. The use of white color will also give a clean impression that will be loved not only by us but also the people who pay a visit to our house. Below here, we have some examples that you should check out.

minimalist living room

© Stefanie S.

The first example already shows how good minimalist living room design is. The design looks outstanding although it uses less furniture. The furniture color that matches the wall color also makes this design more comfortable to see. This would be a perfect choice for the people who do not like a living room with too much stuff.

minimalist living room 1


Similar to the first example, this one also uses the minimalist design. As we can see, this design is so universal. We can also use a darker color for the furniture and combined it with a bright wall color. Look at how spacious this design with the existence of only a small coffee table, couch, and a plant as the decoration. For those who want to have a spacious living room, better you add this design to your list.

Contemporary Interior Design

A contemporary living room is a really good choice to be applied for our living room. This design prioritizes all the things that look modern starting from the furniture, decoration, even the wall texture. For the color, we can use some dark color like brown, gray, or black, and mix it with the brighter color like white or cream. Overall, it will beautify our interior living room and your guests will love it when they visit our house.

contemporary living room

© Pedro Gandra

The example of modern interior living room design can be seen from the picture above. As we said before that this design uses a lot of dark colors like black for the sofa and gray for its floor. A modern furniture also needed to increase the modern impression of our living room.

contemporary living room 1

© Jelle Zeelenberg

A living room design like this is really suitable for modern people who like the things that look modern. We will not regret to have a good living room like on the examples above. So, we recommend you not to forget to add this design to your reference list.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian design prioritizes a simple and elegant design. This one makes use a lot of woods for the ceiling and flooring. It is suitable for the people who want to save electricity because this one uses a lot of large windows in order to let the sunlight penetrate the room.

scandinavian living room

© Nyde

A living room design that uses this concept prioritize a neutral color such as white and gray, and it has become the characteristic of this design. Usually, the neutral color is used for the flooring, ceiling, and the wall. The furniture also uses the similar color. Just take a look at the furniture above where the table uses the white color and the sofa uses the gray one.

scandinavian living room 1

© Slavena Mileva

The second picture also shows us how Scandinavian design looks like. Same as the first picture, this one also uses a neutral color and it uses the woods for the flooring and ceiling. We can see also the large window in this living room that becomes another characteristic of this design.

Final Words

Those are the living room designs that we can share. So, is there any of them that you like? Hopefully, our article can help you in deciding the suitable design for your living room. Choose the design that suits you the most in order to get the best out of your living room. And do not forget to check out Roohome website to find more about interior designs for living room.

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