The car is a transportation that we often used when we are about to go to a far away place. Unlike a motorcycle, it can protect us from the sun and the rain. But, besides of its use, do you often clean it? As we know, our car will get dirty if we use it very often especially, if we use it during the rainy day. If you don’t know how to clean it better you see some steps to clean a car that I have given below.

Steps To Clean A Car

Prepare Everything That You Need

Before you start to wash the car, you have to prepare the supplies that you need to clean it. For example like the soap, a bucket, a soft natural sponge, a cloth, a hose and etc. It is important to prepare it first so you don’t need to go back and forth to take something that you need.

Park Your Car In A Shaded Area

If your car is parked outside your house and exposed by the sunlight, you need to bring it inside your parking lot or somewhere which covered by the shadow. Doing this will help you a lot in cleaning the car. Why? Because if you park your car under the sunlight, it will make the water and soap that you have rubbed to your car will quickly dry out.

Rinse Your Car With The Hose

Then, if you are ready to clean it, the first step that you should do is rinse the car by using the hose. You have to rinse the entire surface of your car with the water in order to clean up all the dirt which stick in your car’s body. Start from the top until the bottom of it to make sure that all the dirt has gone.

Use The Sponge

After that, you have to scrub your car by using the soft sponge. Remember that you need the soft if you don’t want to leave a scratch on your car. Give a little soap and wet the sponge with the water. Then, rub it to the whole body of your car.

Rinse The Sponge Periodically

Remember to always rinse your sponge every time it gets dirty after scrubbing your car. Dip it into the bucket that you have prepared before with the water in it. After that, give a little soap again and wet it with the clean water. Do it for several times until you have finished cleaning the car with the sponge.

Clean The Wheel

After you have finished with the body, it is the time to look at the wheel. You just need to do the same like that you have done with your car’s body. Clean all of the wheels by using the sponge and a little soap will make your wheels look shiny.

Dry it

This is my last tips to clean a car for today. If you have done with all of the steps above, now you can dry your car by using a dry cloth. Make sure you do it fast before the water which sticks on your car get dry itself. Why? Because it will leave a mark that is hard to remove.

Okay, that’s the last tips about the steps to clean a car that I can tell to you. I always do this steps when I want to clean my own car. Hopefully, the steps above can help you to clean your car. Then, thanks for reading and have a nice day.