How are you, guys? Welcome to my website where you can find lots of information and tips. In this shiny day, I want to tell you how to cook fried rice. As we know, fried rice is one of the easiest food that we can make. And the taste is also good. But, do you know how to cook it? That’s why I make this article so it can help the people who want to make a fried rice but don’t know how to make it. So, let’s check it out then.

How To Cook Fried Rice

Prepare The Ingredients

Before you start to cook it, you need to prepare all of the ingredients that will be used to make it. Firstly, prepare the rice. It depends on you about how much the rice needed to make a fried rice. Then, prepare also the other ingredients such as vegetable oil, butter, egg, onion, soy sauce, vegetable like carrot, and sliced chicken.

Pour The Vegetable Oil

After you have prepared all the things that you need then, pour the vegetable oil around 2 tablespoons and a little of butter into a large pan. But, remember that the pan has to be large. You cannot use the pan to cook an egg in order to make a fried rice because it will be messy. And before you pour the oil into the pan, make sure you have wiped it.

Cook The Vegetable

Put in all the vegetables that you want to add into the already hot oil such as the carrot or green vegetables. Then, wait around 3 minutes and add 1 tablespoon of salt. Stir the vegetables and wait until the color turned a little brown.

Throw In The Chicken

Then, don’t forget to throw in the chicken if you want to add it as an additional ingredient. You can also use the other meat like beef, pork, or lamb depends on which one do you like the most. But, remember to slice the chicken into small pieces.

Add The Egg

First, you have to crack the egg into a small bowl. Then, whisk the egg until it turned yellow. After that, you can pour it into the pan and mix it with the ingredients that you have put in. I suggest you not to miss this one because fried rice with egg is more delicious.

Put In The Rice

This is the last step to make fried rice. After you have finished with the egg, now you have to put in the rice into the pan. If you have, you need to stir it with the other ingredients and wait around 2 until 3 minutes. Then, don’t forget to pour the soy sauce while frying the rice. But, don’t use it too much, just pour it sufficiently and see if the rice has turned brown. After that, wait for another 30 seconds.

Serve It

Put in the fried rice into a plate and give a garnish if necessary. Now, your fried rice is ready to serve and let’s enjoy it.

That’s the end of how to cook fried rice for today. I hope what I have given above can help you in making your own fried rice. Then, thank you for reading and have a good cook.