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Clash Of Clans New Update | What’s New In This Game?

Supercell has been released the newest update for one of the most popular battle strategy game, Clash Of Clans or best known as COC. It was released around at the end of May where some new features and troops are available. So now, I will tell you about Clash Of Clans new update that you may not know. Then, let’s take a look below here!!!

Clash Of Clans New Update

In the latest update of this game, there is a new feature that really different than the previous updates. Remember, the broken boat at the beach border? Now, it is already fixed and you can use it to move to the other island. In this new island, you won’t see the sun shine so brightly anymore because you will see the night on that island. A new base which has different rules than your old Clash Of Clans base.

Clash Of Clans Boat Update

In your new base, there will be no more town hall. You will meet the builder hall here as your main building. Yeah, the builder is like the ones you have on the first island but you just only have one builder to build the defenses and other buildings.

Clash Of Clans New Base (Builder Hall)

On the nighttime map, you still play like usual where you have to destroy your enemy’s base. But now, you will play it head to head with your enemy where we attack theirs and they attack ours. The player who gets more stars or destroying more will be the winner and get the prizes. And if both players get three stars, it will be drawn and no one gets the reward. But, in this new feature, you can only battle for a few times for each day. After you have used all the chance you have, you need to wait for almost a day until you get your chance again to launch an attack. But, you can use your Gems so you don’t have to wait and get your chance instantly.

What’s New In The New Island?

  • Barbarians, archers, giants, and etc now can deploy their special abilities at the start of a battle.
  • New defenses are available such as double cannon, push trap, crushers, multi mortar, and much more.
  • New troops in the new base like the bomber, baby dragon, cannon cart, and etc.
  • Versus mode where we can play with other players in a real-time battle head to head.

What do you think with the Clash Of Clans new update that I have shared with you? Do you like the newest features in this game? I think the recent update is really good so we don’t get bored easily because of the new gameplay that we can play. Okay then, it is enough for today, thanks for reading and see you later…

Clash Of Clans Tips In Making A Better Progress

Clash Of Clans is a very popular game both in the Play Store or App Store. It has been downloaded by over 100 million players from around the world. I also play this amazing game and I have three accounts in my smartphone. I love it so much and I cannot miss just a minute not to play this game. This game is so popular because of its stunning graphic and interesting gameplay. Now, in order to make your time in playing this game more fun, you need to check out some Clash Of Clans tips below. I’m sure that these tips will be useful for you and it can help you in making a better progress.

Clash Of Clans Tips That You Need To Learn

Build Or Upgrade The Cheapest Thing First

This is my first tips for Clash Of Clans. In playing Clash Of Clans, don’t just have a strategy for the battle. We also need a strategy in building and upgrading our base. In order to upgrade our defenses, we need to decide which one is the best to be upgraded first. It is really important to upgrade the thing with the cheapest price first rather than the expensive one. As we know, the thing with the cheapest price always has a shorter time in upgrading. So, make sure you do this tip so you can have a strong base.

Pick The Best Troops For The Battle

In launching an attack, we cannot just attack our enemy like a crazy person. We need to decide which troops that we need to bring into the battle. For example, you cannot attack a town hall 8th or above just by using barbarians, archers and giants. They are not enough to destroy this kind of enemy. So, make a strategy with your troops before you launch an attack. Make sure the troops that you bring is strong enough to cope with this kind of enemy.

Protect Your Base

Protecting your base is one of the main objectives in this game. So, it is our job to make a strong base so the enemies cannot destroy it. I suggest you put your town hall at the center of your base. If you do this, your base will be getting harder to get beaten by the enemies.

Use The Diamonds To Fasten Up The Resources And Your Upgrade

For some people waiting is the most hated thing in this world. So, for you who dislike waiting for a long time in upgrading your base, you can use the Diamonds you have to fasten up your upgrade. You can also use it to fasten up the resources such as Gold and Elixir. The resources will be two times faster than the usual. But, I suggest you not to waste your Diamonds if you don’t have all of the five builders because without them you cannot build your base.

Buy Some Resources In The Shop

The last Clash Of Clans Tips And Tricks is buying the resources in the game shop. If you are in need of Gold or Elixir, you can buy them in the game shop by purchasing your real money. You can choose which amount of Gold or Elixir that you want. You will get them in an instant if you buy it from the store.

What do you think about Clash Of Clans tips that I have given above, guys? Is it useful for you? I hope so because I will be happy if I can help other people. And if it is useful, maybe you can share it with your friends who may need some tips in playing this game. Then, thank you for reading and see you next time.

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