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3 Interior Designs for Living Room that are Suitable to be Applied for Our Living Room

We could say that living room is the heart of a house since it is the place where most of our activities are done. It is not only used as the place to gather and spend our time with family but also to accept the guests who come to pay a visit. For that reason, this part of a house is really important. That is why we need to choose a good design in order to create a positive impression not only for us but also the people who come to our house. And here, we would like to help you in deciding the right design for your living room by sharing these 3 interior designs for living room.

Minimalist Interior Design

A minimalist interior design will fit the style of the people who love a simple design. This one does not use too much furniture inside the room and make prioritize of the bright and soft color like white, cream, and etc. Having a living room with this design will give a lot of space that of course, will make it more comfortable. The use of white color will also give a clean impression that will be loved not only by us but also the people who pay a visit to our house. Below here, we have some examples that you should check out.

minimalist living room

© Stefanie S.

The first example already shows how good minimalist living room design is. The design looks outstanding although it uses less furniture. The furniture color that matches the wall color also makes this design more comfortable to see. This would be a perfect choice for the people who do not like a living room with too much stuff.

minimalist living room 1


Similar to the first example, this one also uses the minimalist design. As we can see, this design is so universal. We can also use a darker color for the furniture and combined it with a bright wall color. Look at how spacious this design with the existence of only a small coffee table, couch, and a plant as the decoration. For those who want to have a spacious living room, better you add this design to your list.

Contemporary Interior Design

A contemporary living room is a really good choice to be applied for our living room. This design prioritizes all the things that look modern starting from the furniture, decoration, even the wall texture. For the color, we can use some dark color like brown, gray, or black, and mix it with the brighter color like white or cream. Overall, it will beautify our interior living room and your guests will love it when they visit our house.

contemporary living room

© Pedro Gandra

The example of modern interior living room design can be seen from the picture above. As we said before that this design uses a lot of dark colors like black for the sofa and gray for its floor. A modern furniture also needed to increase the modern impression of our living room.

contemporary living room 1

© Jelle Zeelenberg

A living room design like this is really suitable for modern people who like the things that look modern. We will not regret to have a good living room like on the examples above. So, we recommend you not to forget to add this design to your reference list.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian design prioritizes a simple and elegant design. This one makes use a lot of woods for the ceiling and flooring. It is suitable for the people who want to save electricity because this one uses a lot of large windows in order to let the sunlight penetrate the room.

scandinavian living room

© Nyde

A living room design that uses this concept prioritize a neutral color such as white and gray, and it has become the characteristic of this design. Usually, the neutral color is used for the flooring, ceiling, and the wall. The furniture also uses the similar color. Just take a look at the furniture above where the table uses the white color and the sofa uses the gray one.

scandinavian living room 1

© Slavena Mileva

The second picture also shows us how Scandinavian design looks like. Same as the first picture, this one also uses a neutral color and it uses the woods for the flooring and ceiling. We can see also the large window in this living room that becomes another characteristic of this design.

Final Words

Those are the living room designs that we can share. So, is there any of them that you like? Hopefully, our article can help you in deciding the suitable design for your living room. Choose the design that suits you the most in order to get the best out of your living room. And do not forget to check out Roohome website to find more about interior designs for living room.

The Best Website For Home Design Ideas

Hi, guys, welcome back to my website. I’m so glad to see you visiting my website. Okay, today, I would like to tell you about the best website for home design ideas. For you who are searching for a good design for your home, you have to read this article. I’m so sure that you will get a lot of inspiration after you read it. So, don’t waste the time anymore and let’s read it.

The Best Website For Home Design Ideas

Actually, all of the home design ideas that I’m gonna tell you are not from my opinion or creation. I found it from a home design website named Roohome. I just have visited that website a few days ago and I think I was so inspired by what I have read from that website. And for that reason, I want to share what I have got to inspire the people who are searching for a design for their home.

When I visited that website, I found so many categories on the homepage start from the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, even apartment. Here, you can find everything that you need for your home sweet home. You can get some inspiration from here to be applied in your own home. The design that they served here is really good and brilliant. just take a look at some of the articles that I have read on that website below.

Luxury Bathroom Decor Ideas

In Luxury Bathroom Decor Ideas, you will see some of the great bathroom design that you may never see before. I was so amazed when I saw the bathroom design that they served on that website. Just take a look at the picture that I took from there below.

Can you see it? That’s really good and brilliant idea, right? I love the design in this bathroom because it looks so luxury and beautiful. With a good decoration and furniture inside this bathroom design makes it more perfect.

Modern And Minimalist House Design Ideas

If you want to get an inspiration for your house design, you can take this Modern And Minimalist House Design Ideas to your list, guys.

Look at the minimalist design of the house in the picture above. This house uses a wooden accent to make the room looks outstanding but simple. Also, with simple furniture and decorations to make the room more beautiful.

Actually, there are still many great designs that you can see from that website. But, I just can share some of it. And if you want to see a lot of good home design, just visit this Roohome website. You will get more if you visit it right now.

Okay, I think that’s all for the best website for home design ideas that I can share with you today. And if you have some comments or questions to be asked, don’t be shy to share it with me, okay. Then, thanks for reading and see you in my next article.

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