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8 Facts About Indonesia That You Should Know

Indonesia is a country which located in the South East Asia. It is a country which has so many unique things that no other country has. But, do you know what are the unique things that I mean? I’m sure some of you mustn’t know about it. So, if you want to know about it, you should check the facts about Indonesia below.

Facts About Indonesia

The Largest Archipelagic Country

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world with an area more than 1.900.000 km2. This because of the islands in this country is scattered in all directions. Start from the largest island until the smallest one. The coastline itself reach more than 54.000 km. There is nothing wrong if Indonesia became the largest archipelagic country.

The Fourth Most Populous Country in the World

This nation also became one of the countries with the largest population. Indonesia’s 238 million people are just behind China, India, and United States of America. But, one of its islands named Java is the most populous island in the world with 140 million people.

Has a Very Bad Traffic Jam

Because of its great population of the people, Indonesia became one of the countries with the worst traffic jam. The worst traffic jam can be seen in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. This city has the worst traffic jam in this country, especially during peak hours.

The Largest Muslim Majority Nation

Although it has so many differences from the religion, race, and tribe, this country is dominated by the people who embraced Islam. More or less, there are 80% of Indonesian people who is a Muslim and it makes this country become world’s largest Muslim-majority nation.

The Home of Komodo

Have you ever see a Komodo? Do you know where it comes from? Yeah, they come from one of the Indonesia’s islands named NTT or known as Nusa Tenggara Timur. Komodo is the biggest lizard that still alive in this world. This giant lizard only exists on that island and became a mascot there and Indonesia.

The Home of Rafflesia Arnoldi

Do you know Rafflesia Arnoldi? The flower which has a smell like a carcass. This flower has a beautiful shape but has a very bad smell. But, it is very rare and its population is just a few. Even it is has been protected by the government.

Has So Many Cultures

As I said that it has so many people from various race and tribe. That’s why Indonesia has so many cultures because of its diversity where it has hundreds of race and tribe. The mixing of two cultures into a new culture adds to the cultural richness of Indonesia.

The Second Home of the ex U.S President Barrack Obama

The ex U.S President Obama has spent his childhood in Indonesia, specifically in Menteng, Jakarta. He spent several years and educated there. Even he was given a nickname Barry by his fellow students there.

Okay, that’s all some of the facts about Indonesia that you have to know. I hope my article today can enrich your knowledge.

Facts About Chelsea Football Club | You Need To See This If You Are A Chelsea Fan!

Do you love to watch football? Do you have a football club that you love the most? I’m sure you must have at least one, right? I also have a favorite football club which comes from England and based in London, Chelsea. And now, I would like to tell you some facts about Chelsea Football Club that you may not know. If you are a Chelsea fan, you may love to see it. Then, let’s check out some facts below.

5 Facts About Chelsea Football Club

Premier League Record Holder

This is my first Chelsea FC facts. As we know, Chelsea is one of the clubs which has so many records. In the Premier League, they are the holder of two excellent records which still last until now. Chelsea holds the record for the most points in a single season where they ended the 2004/05 season with 95 points under the controversial Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho. Still, in the same season, they break the record for the fewest goals conceded in the league with only 15 goals that can be nested into their goal.

The Club’s All-Time Goalscorer

Chelsea’s all-time goalscorers is not a center forward like many other club top scorer. Frank Lampard is the midfielder who became the top scorer in Chelsea’s history where he has succeeded in making 211 goals in 648 appearances. Followed behind him there is Bobby Tambling with his 202 goals which beaten by Lampard in his last season with Chelsea in 2014/15. During his best, he is considered as one of the deadliest midfielders because of his goalscoring record.

The Club’s All-Time Appearances

This time it is not Lampard or Chelsea’s current captain John Terry which hold this honor. It is Ron Harris who became the Chelsea player with the most appearances with 795 appearances in total. He is still the player with the most appearances¬†for this club in three different competitions they are the league, FA cup, and league cup. He got this achievement during his time at the club from 1961-1980.

The Oldest Player

Chelsea ever had the oldest player that ever played for them. Yeah, he is Mark Schwarzer. The Australian goalkeeper was signed back then in 2013 by Jose Mourinho in his second spell at the club. And he recorded the status when he played against Cardiff City in the Premier League in 2014. At that time his age has reached 41 years and 218 days and it made him the oldest players to play for Chelsea.

Most Premier League Goals In A Season

Start from the Premier League era in 1992/93 season until now only Didier Drogba who have scored more than 25 goals in a Premier League season. Scoring 29 goals in the 2009/10 season where he also lifted the Premier League trophy under the guidance of Carlo Ancelotti. He also became the top scorer that season. Since then, there is still no player who can beat or even reach his achievement.

Those are only a few of facts of Chelsea FC that I can share with you. What do you think about those facts? Have you ever heard about it? If you never, I’m sure you must be shocked when you hear about those facts, right? There are still so many facts about this club but I cannot tell you all of it now. So, just wait for my next article about, maybe one day I will tell you more about it.

Okay then, I think that’s all about some facts about Chelsea football club for today. Don’t forget to share this article if you think that it is interesting to be read. So, thanks, guys, and see you later.

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