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8 Facts About Indonesia That You Should Know

Indonesia is a country which located in the South East Asia. It is a country which has so many unique things that no other country has. But, do you know what are the unique things that I mean? I’m sure some of you mustn’t know about it. So, if you want to know about it, you should check the facts about Indonesia below.

Facts About Indonesia

The Largest Archipelagic Country

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world with an area more than 1.900.000 km2. This because of the islands in this country is scattered in all directions. Start from the largest island until the smallest one. The coastline itself reach more than 54.000 km. There is nothing wrong if Indonesia became the largest archipelagic country.

The Fourth Most Populous Country in the World

This nation also became one of the countries with the largest population. Indonesia’s 238 million people are just behind China, India, and United States of America. But, one of its islands named Java is the most populous island in the world with 140 million people.

Has a Very Bad Traffic Jam

Because of its great population of the people, Indonesia became one of the countries with the worst traffic jam. The worst traffic jam can be seen in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. This city has the worst traffic jam in this country, especially during peak hours.

The Largest Muslim Majority Nation

Although it has so many differences from the religion, race, and tribe, this country is dominated by the people who embraced Islam. More or less, there are 80% of Indonesian people who is a Muslim and it makes this country become world’s largest Muslim-majority nation.

The Home of Komodo

Have you ever see a Komodo? Do you know where it comes from? Yeah, they come from one of the Indonesia’s islands named NTT or known as Nusa Tenggara Timur. Komodo is the biggest lizard that still alive in this world. This giant lizard only exists on that island and became a mascot there and Indonesia.

The Home of Rafflesia Arnoldi

Do you know Rafflesia Arnoldi? The flower which has a smell like a carcass. This flower has a beautiful shape but has a very bad smell. But, it is very rare and its population is just a few. Even it is has been protected by the government.

Has So Many Cultures

As I said that it has so many people from various race and tribe. That’s why Indonesia has so many cultures because of its diversity where it has hundreds of race and tribe. The mixing of two cultures into a new culture adds to the cultural richness of Indonesia.

The Second Home of the ex U.S President Barrack Obama

The ex U.S President Obama has spent his childhood in Indonesia, specifically in Menteng, Jakarta. He spent several years and educated there. Even he was given a nickname Barry by his fellow students there.

Okay, that’s all some of the facts about Indonesia that you have to know. I hope my article today can enrich your knowledge.

The Best Food In Indonesia That You Should Try

Do you want to travel to Indonesia? If you want, you have to see my article for today about the best food in Indonesia. This article will help you who want to pay a visit to my country, Indonesia in deciding which Indonesian food you should try. I made this article because I know that people who want to travel to other countries are not only want to see the scenery and the tourist attraction but also the culinary. Actually, there are so many delicious foods that you can try in my country but I have made some of the most delicious food in Indonesia. Let’s take a look, guys.

Some Of The Best Food In Indonesia

Soto Betawi

If you want to pay a visit to the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. You have to try this food, guys. This is one of the tastiest food that you can try. This food is served with pieces of beef. Then, mix with some sliced potato and other ingredients like emping (quite similar to chips but has a bitter taste), leek, fried onions, sliced tomato and sliced cucumber. Then, all of it mixed into the coconut milk sauce. I’m sure you will get addicted to eating this food and won’t stop eating it.

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

This is food is really popular in Indonesia. Every people here likes it so much although it is just a fried rice. nasi goreng is similar to the fried rice in your country but the taste of our fried rice is really different. The rice mixes with some soy sauce and condiment. We can also add some ingredients like egg, sliced sausage, meatball, and sliced cucumber. Maybe it sounds simple, but you will love this food.

Bakso (Meatball)

Bakso is one of my favorites food. This food is really tasty, guys. Just see the picture above and you can imagine by yourself the taste of this food. Like nasi goreng, it looks so simple, right? But, the taste is really fantastic. You will believe me after you try it, guys. So, I suggest you not to miss this food if you want to visit Indonesia.


The last is the most popular Indonesian food, rendang. This food is originated from Padang, one of the cities in Indonesia. And it has spread across the country and you can find it everywhere. Rendang is a sliced meat with a spicy taste. It also mixes with some seasonings which make the taste more delicious. Rendang will be even more delicious if you eat it with some rice. So, don’t forget to add this food to your list, okay.

What do you think? Do you like some of the best food in Indonesia that I have given above? I’m sure you do and I hope it can help you to decide which Indonesian food that you want to try when you visit my country. And if you have a question about my topic for today, don’t be shy to ask, guys. Just ask me in the comment box below and I will answer all of your questions. Then, thank you, guys, and see you next time.

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