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Dragonvale Review || The Best Game for Dragon Lover!

Are you in love with a creature called Dragon? If so, you need to play this game. The theme of this game is Dragon farm. You will see a lot of Dragon flying around the farm. For you who curious about this, see Dragonvale review below. We already summary all the information which you need to know about this one.

The Gameplay

dragonvale farm

If you ever played a farming game, you can feel the similarity between both of them. The only difference, you take care of Dragon in this game. First of all, you need to create a habitat for the Dragon to live. There are many habitat elements from fire, water, earth, and so on. You need to choose the one which suitable for your Dragon. You can feed your Dragon and play with them to increase the affection points. They can change form or also known as evolution.

Breeding System

What makes this game awesome is the breeding system. You can breed two Dragons and get a Dragon child. If you do not want to waste your currency to buy a new Dragon, this is the best method. Also, this is the only method to get super powerful one. We do not know yet the formula to get it. That is why you need to understand about the breeding system in this game completely.

dragonvale gameplay

Decorate Your Farm

Add a decoration to your farm to make it prettier. Decoration in this game is really helpful. Some of them can buff your dragon growth rate and speed up the breeding process. Although it cost a lot of currency, it is worth to do.


  • There are many activities in the game you can do from taking care you Dragon, manage your farm, breeding, and so on
  • It is not that hard to get rare Dragon
  • The game is really easy to play. All the players can enjoy the game without any difficulties
  • Evolution system is really great. It will change your Dragon appearance and make them cooler.


  • The game rarely get new update
  • It could be better if the game use 3D


What are you waiting for? Download and play this game right away. We are sure all the Dragon love will enjoy this one very much, we can guarantee. As for the score, we give it 78. Play with your friends and create the great Dragon farm. For people who looking for another great dragon game, we have School of Dragons game. You should try it at all cost. Last but not least, we have Dragonvale hack which we want to offer you. This is our recommendation for you to play the game easily. When we look the information about this game, we found it on the internet.

Fire Emblem Warriors Review || Amazing Action Game Which Capture Everyone Hearts!

Fire Emblem, one of the legendary strategy RPG from Nintendo. You already how amazing this game. In the newest FE, Nintendo takes a different approach. This game becomes an action genre similar to Dynasty Warriors. You can meet many different Fire Emblem characters. Unfortunately, not all of them make an appearance. For further information about this, see Fire Emblem Warriors review.

Two Protagonists

You need to choose between male and female protagonist in this game. Actually, it does not matter which one you choose, both of them have the same skills. In other words, they only have different looks. If you want more strength, choose the male lead. If you want more resistance to magic, the female lead is the best choice. Also, both of them have the same storyline. We do not see any purpose why the developer insists us to choose the protagonist.


fire emblem warriors gameplay

This is one play similarly to Dynasty Warriors game. So, if you already familiar with that game, you will not find any difficulty. You still need to take the enemy fort and base camp in order to win the game. What we really like in this one, you can order the characters to go to the specific location and capture the enemy base automatically. You can also change the character in the middle of the battle. Do not forget the special skill. The function is the same as Dynasty game. You can also unleash a special skill with your partner to deal greater damage.

3DS or Nintendo Switch Version?

This game released on 3DS and Nintendo Switch. So, which one you need to pick? Actually, there is no different at all. If you want a bigger screen and better graphics, of course, Nintendo Switch version is the one you should aim. If you want to have an easy navigation to play the game, 3DS version is the best. You can focus battle the enemy on the above screen and the bottom screen, you can see all the useful information about the map, enemies, and the objective.


  • All Characters have fantastic combo scene
  • There is no complicated mechanism to play the game. Everyone can play it easily
  • There are many character costumes which you can unlock

fire emblem warriors attack


  • Repetitive gameplay which leads to boredom
  • There are not many characters to use
  • It is quite hard to obtain a high-quality weapon


If you love Fire Emblem franchise, you need to try this game. The iconic characters in this game like Marth and Chrom already enough to play this. As for the score, we give it 80. It is not that bad as you think. If you want another great action game, we have the unique one entitled Shadow Fight 3. See the amazingness right away!

C.A.T.S: The Newest Game On Play Store | You Should Try This One!!!

Hi, guys, welcome to volunteertimes, the best website to find some useful information and tips. Today, it is really special because I would like to discuss C.A.T.S, the newest game on Play Store. People must be waiting for a game like this one. Why? Because this game is really addicting. As we know, nowadays, some of the games on Play Store are not worth to be played because they are just looking for profits but they don’t make a really good game. But, it is different to this one. Yeah, C.A.T.S is the game that we are looking for all the time. I also have been waiting for a game like this to be released. And now, it is here.

C.A.T.S: The Newest Game On Play Store

C.A.T.S: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is a PVP fighting game that will make you get addicted. This game has been released around a month ago by the same creator of Cut The Rope and King of Thieves games and it already has been downloaded over 5 million times. The response from the people who have tried this wonderful game is also good where it has got 4.6 for its rating. What a nice achievement, right?

I suggest you try it right now, guys because you won’t find all of the fun that this game brings to you from any other game that you ever played before. C.A.T.S is a really exciting game because it is not only has a stunning graphic but also a nice gameplay. How can I say that this game has a good graphic and gameplay? It is because I have played it and I also have seen the review from several players who have tried it, too. On Play Store, C.A.T.S got a rating of 4.6 for its graphic and 4.5 for its gameplay. That’s more than good for a new game for android. So, overall this game is worth to be played and I’m sure you won’t regret to download and play it.

C.A.T.S: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Review

This game is a PVP fighting game where you have to lead your cat which acts as the main character in this game into the battle. Here, your cat will ride a war machine to fight the enemies. In order to win the battle, we need to collect some parts to be added to our ride. The better the parts, the easier you will win the battle.

In this game, there are some parts that you can apply such as the shape, weapon, wheel and some other equipment such as repulse, booster, and forklift. All those part is really important to increase the health and the power of our ride. Each part has different stats depends on the grade of the part. You can also decorate your ride with some stickers that you will get each time you open the box. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you where you can get the box. You can get it after you win a battle for three times. So, each three wins will earn you a box. And this box will give you some parts such as the shape, wheel, weapon, and sticker. But, you have to wait for several hours to open that thing.

The Features In This Game


Here, you are not only adding some parts to your ride but also upgrading each part to be more powerful. You can upgrade all the things on your ride so you can win the battle much easier.

PVP Battle

This game allows you to play and fight against other players from around the world in the PVP battle. And you can also battle in the championship so you can prove that you are the best in this game.

Tons Of Parts

There are so many weapon, shape, wheel, and gadget that you can add to your ride to increase its power.

Okay, guys, that’s all about the newest game on Play Store for today. I hope you like this game because for me it is really good and worth to be played. And I suggest you download and play it right now. Then, it is the end of my article, thank you for reading and see you in my next article.

The Best Way To Get Unlimited Gems For Clash Royale

Hello, guys, how are you today? I hope you are in good condition because I would like to give you the best way to get unlimited Gems for Clash Royale. Do you know this game? I’m sure that you already know about it, right? This game is so popular since it was released for the first time until now. All people loves to play this one start from children, teenager, and the adult.

Actually, this game is very addictive and fun to play but there is one annoying thing that holds up our progress. It is Gems, the currency system in this game. Without this thing, it is quite hard to get a better progress in this game. So, that is why I would like to give you a tip for Clash Royale for you who have a difficulty in collecting Gems in this game. This tip comes from my own experience in playing this game. Now, let’s take a look.

My Experience To Get Unlimited Gems For Clash Royale

I played this game around one year ago. Actually, I don’t know that there is a game named Clash Royale before. I knew this game from my best friend. He told me to try this game and he said that it is really addictive and very fun to play. So, I decided to give it a try. I still confused at the first time but I finally understand after a few times.

After a few moths playing this amazing game, I started to feel that it is getting harder and harder. It is getting difficult to compete with the other players. They have better troops than me. Sometimes, I’m thinking to stop playing this game because I cannot win to those players. All of the enemies always have better troops so it is hard for me to beat them all.

So, I decided to find a way to help me to get rid of this problem. I spent my time for hours on the internet just to find nothing. But, finally, I found something interesting. There is a website which offers Clash Royale hack. They say that we can generate as many Gems as we want without any limit. So, it means that we will get an unlimited Gems. Then, I try to visit this website and I found a picture as the proof to show us that it is real. I saw some good comments from the players who have used this tool and there is also a review from the official itself. After I tried this tool, I was really amazed when I saw my account has had tons of Gems. So, I started to upgrading all of my troops so I can beat all of my enemies. And now, I have a better progress in this game. So, just use the Clash Royale tip from me that I have given in blue and I’m sure that you will be happy after that.


Okay, I think that’s all for today. What do you think about the best way to get unlimited Gems for Clash Royale that I have given above? Do you like it? I hope you do and hopefully, you can follow my tip and get your Gems like me. And if you have some comments just share it in the comment box below. Then, thank you for reading this article and see you next time.

Tips For Modern Combat 5 Based On My Experience

Hello, my friends, it is good to see you visiting my website again. How are you today? I hope you are in a good condition. Today, I will give you tips for Modern Combat 5 to all of you. Do you know this game? I’m sure that you already know it because it is very popular among FPS lovers. This game has been downloaded by million players from around the world. That is just one of the reasons of why this game is so popular. So now, don’t waste time anymore and let’s read this article.

Modern Combat 5 Review

Modern Combat 5 was published by Gameloft and released in 2014. This game is a first person shooter where we have to shoot all of the enemies by using the gun. There are tons of weapons that you can choose and use in the battlefield start from the machine gun, sniper and much more. Here, you can upgrade your weapon to make you easier in killing your enemies.

This game has two different modes. The first mode is a single player mode. Here, we play the story line of this game and finish the missions along the game. The mode is very exciting to play because there are lots of chapters that we have to clear. The second, a multiplayer mode where you can play together with your friends or the people from around the world. Here, you can test your skill by competing with real players.

Overall, it has a very good graphic and details because it is so realistic for a mobile game. You will be amazed when you see the graphic with your own eyes. The gameplay is also good and I can guarantee that you won’t be bored in playing this game.

Tips For Modern Combat 5

Now, in this section, I will give you some tips to help your progress in this game. First, you need to upgrade your weapon to make it stronger. You will need a weapon with a big firepower because it can help you to kill the enemies easier. You also need to increase its accuracy to make you easier to find your target and there are still more that you can do with your weapon.

The second, if you are running out of Credits you can use the Diamond that you have to buy some Credits. Then, you can also spend it to buy some weapons which still unlocked. It can help you to get a better weapon although you have not reached the level which needed to unlock it. Sometimes I do this to get the weapon in an easier way.

This is the last Modern Combat 5 tips and it is my favorite, it is by using Modern Combat 5 hack. I found this link from a website when I was searching on the internet. When I tried it, I was so surprised because it can give me lots of Credits in an instant without paying anything. So, I suggest you use it and you will get your Credits straight to your game account like me.

Okay, guys, that’s all that I can tell you about tips for Modern Combat 5 for today. I hope this tips can help your progress in this game. And if you have some tips which can help other players, please share it with us. If you have a comment just give it to me, I will be glad to recieve it. Then, this is the end of my article, thanks for reading and see you.

Seven Knight Review, Including Tips And Trick

Hello, my friends welcome back to my website where you can get lots of information, tips and so much more. How are today? I hope you are good because I would like to give you Seven Knight review and I also have included some tips and tricks that you can apply by yourself for your account. This review can be useful enough for you who never play this game before or you who want to play it now.

Let’s start with what is Seven Knight? It is a turn-based RPG game where you will find no end in playing this game. So, you can play it forever because it has no ending. Actually, this game is really amazing because it has been downloaded by over five million people from around the world. How can it be? It is because this game is really addictive and interesting to play. That is why today I will give you a review Seven Knight. Then, let’s check it out, guys.

Seven Knight Review

I have played this game for around two years or maybe more than that. Actually, I don’t like it too much at first before my friend asked me to play it and join his guild. At the first time, I was confused and I didn’t know anything about this game. I didn’t know what I have to do with the items and the heroes. But, my friend helps me a lot and by the time I can understand it and I enjoyed it so much. I fell in love with this amazing game. So, I want you to have the same feeling and experience like me by giving a review for this game.

Seven Knight is a very nice game because it uses a 3D graphic and it has very good details. I’m sure that you will be amazed by the graphic. Then, there are tons of heroes that you can choose and try for your team. You can equip your heroes with mighty items to make them even stronger. Here, you can also make your own strategy by choosing the best formation that suits enough with your heroes abilities. It is so fantastic, right?

Not only the heroes which are really fantastic but also the modes of this game. There are so many game modes that you have to play in this game such as adventure, castle rush, celestial tower, world boss, and much more. Each mode will give you a gift after you finish it. So, make sure to finish them all every day so you can get so many gifts. Overall, Seven Knight is really amazing and you will love it after you play it by yourself.

Seven Knight Tips And Trick

Actually, this game is very easy to play. I think this is the easiest turn-based RPG game that I ever play. But, I was wrong, because by the time it will be harder to play. The enemies get even stronger than before and it is really hard to beat them. It is because I cannot upgrade my heroes because I don’t have too much Gold or Rubies. And finally, I think that I don’t want to play it again because it is too hard. But, there is something that attracting my attention when I was searching around the internet. Do you know what I have found? I found a link of Seven Knights hack from a website and I was amazed after I use it.

Firstly, you have to know that I cannot believe it at the first time I saw it. I think it is just a joke or fake. But, I was too curious to try it by myself. Then, I try to visit that website and I read the article about the link that can give me lots of Rubies. When I read the article I still disbelieve with it but I saw a proof where so many people have used it and they really satisfied because they can get the Rubies for free. So, I decided to use it and finally, I got the Rubies straight to my game account. Then, I use it to upgrade all of my heroes and their items so they can beat the enemies easily. So, I suggest you use the link that I have given in blue color above if you want to be like me.

Okay, guys, that’s the end of my Seven Knight review and tips that I can share with you right now. Hopefully, it can be useful fo you. Thank you for reading this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends. Then, see you in my next article.

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