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How To Take Care A Cat | Useful Tips From Me

Hello, guys, welcome back again to my website. Today, I’m gonna tell you some tips about how to take care a cat. As we know, the cat is a cute and loveable animal. They often kept by people as a pet. So, for you who have a cat as your pet, you should read my article today because I’m sure it will help you a lot in taking care of your cat.

How To Take Care A Cat

Feed Them Well

The basic thing that you should do when you choose a cat as your pet is to give them a good food. They need food like us to stay alive. So, it is important for us to always feed him regularly. You can feed them twice or three times in a day. They like a cat food or canned meals which made from fish meat or chicken meat. Sometimes you can also feed them some vegetables like carrot or broccoli.

Give Them A Litter Box

A cat loves to urinate in a litter box which contains sand. But, remember to always clean the litter box every time it becomes dirty. It is because a cat doesn’t like a dirty place. Besides, a clean litter box will attract your cat’s attention to urinate there. But, you more than one litter box if you have more than one cat.

Play With Your Cat

Playing with your cat is also important to help them get enough exercise. As we know, a cat is rarely moving if they are in a house. You can use some cat’s toys such as feathers stick, fur ball, fake mouse and etc. A cat loves to chase and run after something that they like.

Make Them Comfortable At Home

Taking care of a cat is not only about giving them food but also let them feel comfortable. So, if you have a cat, you need to give her a comfortable place for her to take a rest or sleep. You can put a warm and soft pillow for her. So, she can lay down on it and sleep well.

Brush Her Teeth

The same as a human, a cat also need her teeth to be brushed. They eat a lot every day so they must keep a lot of dirt inside their mouth and teeth. So, you need to clean their teeth by using a toothbrush and a special toothpaste which made specifically for cats.

Bathe Your Cat

This will be my last tips to take care of your cat. The cat is a hygiene animal, they love to wash their body by using their tongue. But, it cannot guarantee that they are clean enough. So, you have to wash your cat yourself with a cat shampoo. Wash them carefully to the whole body. And after you have finished, dry them by using a towel. Then, make sure that they are dry enough. If they are still wet because they have a long fur, you can use the hairdryer to dry them.

I think I have told you everything that I know how to take care a cat. I hope those tips can help you in taking care of your beloved cat. So, if you need some suggestion or something else, don’t be shy to ask me by leaving a comment in the box below. Then, thanks to always read my website and see you in my next article.

How To Keep Your Money Safe At Home – Tips From Me

Money is one of the most important things to keep us alive. Without this thing, we cannot survive in this mean world. We need the cash to buy us some food to eat. We need it to buy some supporting things such as clothes, house, and much more. But, if we have a lot of cash, we need to keep it safe so it won’t get stolen by a bad people. So, do you know how to keep your money safe at home? Don’t worry if you don’t know how because I will tell you about it. Let’s check this out.

How To Keep Your Money Safe At Home

Under The Bed

This is my first tips on how to hide money in your house. Maybe this is an old trick but it is quite effective to keep your money from the people who want to steal it. You just need to put your cash under your bed without anyone knowing about it. Then, when you go to sleep and the robber come at night, they won’t realize that your money is under the bed. And even they know it, they cannot take it because you are sleeping on it.

Inside A Small Displays

Of course, there must be some displays inside your house, right? You can use it as the place to keep your money. Just find some displays such as the old bottle of beer that you may put around the living room or the kitchen as a decoration in your house. People won’t realize it at all if they never pay attention to it.

Inside A Book

Many people often use this way in order to hide their cash. If you have a bookshelf, you can find an old book that rarely used to put your money. Then, put it back to the bookshelf and I suggest you put it at the top of the bookshelf.

Buried It

This way may look crazy but it is a great idea actually. All you have to do is just burying your money inside a box. But, don’t forget to find a waterproof bag before you buried it or your money will get wet because of the rain. After that buried the box with the cash inside it. I think it is better if you can bury it behind a bush and never forgetting the location.

Safety Deposit Box

This is the most reasonable way to keep the money. Do you know what Safety Deposit Box is? It is a box which made from the steel and is equipped with a passcode. Once you have put your money inside, you cannot take it anymore although you still remember the passcode. I think it is the best place to store cash

What do you think? Is there any one of those tips that you want to try? I’m sure at least there must be one, right? That’s all the tips on how to keep your money safe at home that I can share with you, guys. I hope it can help you to keep your money safe and don’t forget to share these tips with your friends or family who may also need it. So, I’m signing off, thank you, guys.

How To Get Hero In Seven Knights? | Some Useful Tips For Newbie

Do you know Seven Knights? This is the most fantastic RPG game that you can play. You won’t find any other RPG games which better that this one. This game is really amazing because there are tons of heroes that we can collect and use to the battle. And for that reason, I would like to share some tips about how to get hero in Seven Knights. Why do I would like to share these tips? It is because some people especially newbie may not know how to get a hero in this game. So, for you who still confused in getting heroes in Seven Knights, just keep reading this article.

How To Get Hero In Seven Knights?

Play In The Adventure Mode

You can get a hero if you play in this mode. Maybe it will take so much time because you have to play this mode so many times until you get a hero. Usually, you will get a 1-3 stars hero from adventure mode. But, you can also get the 4-6 stars hero with a very low rate.

Summon Shop

In this shop, you can buy some heroes by using your Rubies or Honours. If you use the Honour, you have to spend 30 of it and you can only get a hero with 1-5 stars. But, the most often you will get 1-2 stars hero. And if you spend 30 Rubies, you can get a hero with 3-6 stars. But, 250 Rubies will give you eleven heroes with 3-6 stars randomly.

Clear Some Quests

You can get a free hero by clearing some quest available in quest section. Just check out if you have a quest which will give you a hero as the reward.

Play In The Celestial Tower

Celestial Tower is a mode where you have to clear all of the floors by beating the enemies on that floor. Each floor will give you a rewarding start from an item, ruby, gold, and of course, hero. Yeah, you can get a hero depends on which floor will give you that prize.

Special Summon

To find this feature, you just need to click the content button, then, special hero summon. The appearance of this feature will be like a chess. Here, you can choose one tile for each day to get a hero. And the good news is you can also find a special hero such as Seven Knights hero Rachel in this feature depends on which special hero do you choose at the beginning.

Erin’s Quiz

Every day you will get two chances to answer the question from Erin. Just open the event section and click Erin’s Quiz. If you failed to answer the question, you still have one chance to pick the other answer. If your answer is true, you will get a 3-6 stars hero ticket.

I think that’s all about how to get hero in Seven Knights. What do you think? Is it useful for you? I hope it can help you all the newbie in this game in getting heroes.

How To Clean The House | 6 Steps To Get A Clean House

Cleaning the house is one of our daily activity that we have to do for each day. The objective of doing this activity is to clean the dirt, dust and other dirty things that stuck and spread around our house. But, do you know where you have to start cleaning? And by the way, how to clean it? Don’t worry, guys because I will give you some tips on how to clean the house that you can apply at home. I’m sure you will love to clean everything after you read this article.

How To Clean The House

Make A List First

I have six steps to clean a house and this is the first one. When you want to clean your house, don’t just get started without any plan. I suggest you make a list and decide which one do you want to clean first. This way will help you to do your job faster and more effective. I always do this first before I clean my house.

Clean The Furniture

Before you clean the floor, better you clean all of your furniture first such as wardrobe, table, chair and etc so you don’t need to sweep the floor twice. Use a wet cloth to clean the dust which sticks on your furniture. Make sure you clean all of it so it can be free from the dust.

Go To The kitchen

After you clean all the furniture, it is time to go to the kitchen. Here, you have to clean the equipment that you have used to cook the food such as frying pan, spatula, plate, spoon and much more. We have to clean them all from the grease and oil. Then, dry it one by one and put them to the place where they belong to. And don’t forget to wash the kitchen sink after that.

Now It Is Your Bedroom’s Turn

You sleep and take a rest in this room. Of course, it must be mess up after you have used this room. So, the next step is clean your bedroom. You can start with tidying up the mattress, organize your clothes, the paper that you have thrown to the floor and other small things that scattered on the floor. Put back your clothes to the closet if it hasn’t used or brought it to the laundry if you have used it.

Clean the Bathroom

Bathroom needs to be clean up regularly. So, in this room, you have to clean the toilet, shower or tub and the other things that available in this room. Cleaning the bathroom is important to stay away from the bacteria and virus which can bring disease.

Sweep And Mop The Floor

This will be my last tips to clean the house for today. After you have done all of the things above, it is time to clean up the floor around your house. I used to sweep the floor first to clean the dust and dirt which spread on the floor before I mop it up. But, if you don’t want to use the broom, you can use the vacuum cleaner. This thing will make your job easier and you don’t have to waste a lot of energy.

It is easy to clean the house, right? I’m sure you will love to do this job after you apply my tips above. Then, I think that’s all about how to clean the house that I can share with all of you. I hope it can help you a lot. Thank you, guys, for reading this article and don’t forget to leave your comment.

Clash Of Clans Tips In Making A Better Progress

Clash Of Clans is a very popular game both in the Play Store or App Store. It has been downloaded by over 100 million players from around the world. I also play this amazing game and I have three accounts in my smartphone. I love it so much and I cannot miss just a minute not to play this game. This game is so popular because of its stunning graphic and interesting gameplay. Now, in order to make your time in playing this game more fun, you need to check out some Clash Of Clans tips below. I’m sure that these tips will be useful for you and it can help you in making a better progress.

Clash Of Clans Tips That You Need To Learn

Build Or Upgrade The Cheapest Thing First

This is my first tips for Clash Of Clans. In playing Clash Of Clans, don’t just have a strategy for the battle. We also need a strategy in building and upgrading our base. In order to upgrade our defenses, we need to decide which one is the best to be upgraded first. It is really important to upgrade the thing with the cheapest price first rather than the expensive one. As we know, the thing with the cheapest price always has a shorter time in upgrading. So, make sure you do this tip so you can have a strong base.

Pick The Best Troops For The Battle

In launching an attack, we cannot just attack our enemy like a crazy person. We need to decide which troops that we need to bring into the battle. For example, you cannot attack a town hall 8th or above just by using barbarians, archers and giants. They are not enough to destroy this kind of enemy. So, make a strategy with your troops before you launch an attack. Make sure the troops that you bring is strong enough to cope with this kind of enemy.

Protect Your Base

Protecting your base is one of the main objectives in this game. So, it is our job to make a strong base so the enemies cannot destroy it. I suggest you put your town hall at the center of your base. If you do this, your base will be getting harder to get beaten by the enemies.

Use The Diamonds To Fasten Up The Resources And Your Upgrade

For some people waiting is the most hated thing in this world. So, for you who dislike waiting for a long time in upgrading your base, you can use the Diamonds you have to fasten up your upgrade. You can also use it to fasten up the resources such as Gold and Elixir. The resources will be two times faster than the usual. But, I suggest you not to waste your Diamonds if you don’t have all of the five builders because without them you cannot build your base.

Buy Some Resources In The Shop

The last Clash Of Clans Tips And Tricks is buying the resources in the game shop. If you are in need of Gold or Elixir, you can buy them in the game shop by purchasing your real money. You can choose which amount of Gold or Elixir that you want. You will get them in an instant if you buy it from the store.

What do you think about Clash Of Clans tips that I have given above, guys? Is it useful for you? I hope so because I will be happy if I can help other people. And if it is useful, maybe you can share it with your friends who may need some tips in playing this game. Then, thank you for reading and see you next time.

Tips For Modern Combat 5 Based On My Experience

Hello, my friends, it is good to see you visiting my website again. How are you today? I hope you are in a good condition. Today, I will give you tips for Modern Combat 5 to all of you. Do you know this game? I’m sure that you already know it because it is very popular among FPS lovers. This game has been downloaded by million players from around the world. That is just one of the reasons of why this game is so popular. So now, don’t waste time anymore and let’s read this article.

Modern Combat 5 Review

Modern Combat 5 was published by Gameloft and released in 2014. This game is a first person shooter where we have to shoot all of the enemies by using the gun. There are tons of weapons that you can choose and use in the battlefield start from the machine gun, sniper and much more. Here, you can upgrade your weapon to make you easier in killing your enemies.

This game has two different modes. The first mode is a single player mode. Here, we play the story line of this game and finish the missions along the game. The mode is very exciting to play because there are lots of chapters that we have to clear. The second, a multiplayer mode where you can play together with your friends or the people from around the world. Here, you can test your skill by competing with real players.

Overall, it has a very good graphic and details because it is so realistic for a mobile game. You will be amazed when you see the graphic with your own eyes. The gameplay is also good and I can guarantee that you won’t be bored in playing this game.

Tips For Modern Combat 5

Now, in this section, I will give you some tips to help your progress in this game. First, you need to upgrade your weapon to make it stronger. You will need a weapon with a big firepower because it can help you to kill the enemies easier. You also need to increase its accuracy to make you easier to find your target and there are still more that you can do with your weapon.

The second, if you are running out of Credits you can use the Diamond that you have to buy some Credits. Then, you can also spend it to buy some weapons which still unlocked. It can help you to get a better weapon although you have not reached the level which needed to unlock it. Sometimes I do this to get the weapon in an easier way.

This is the last Modern Combat 5 tips and it is my favorite, it is by using Modern Combat 5 hack. I found this link from a website when I was searching on the internet. When I tried it, I was so surprised because it can give me lots of Credits in an instant without paying anything. So, I suggest you use it and you will get your Credits straight to your game account like me.

Okay, guys, that’s all that I can tell you about tips for Modern Combat 5 for today. I hope this tips can help your progress in this game. And if you have some tips which can help other players, please share it with us. If you have a comment just give it to me, I will be glad to recieve it. Then, this is the end of my article, thanks for reading and see you.

How To Get Tap Tycoon Free Diamonds In Instant Way? | My Experience

Do you know Tap Tycoon, guys? I’m sure that you have known about it, right? That’s why I would like to give you the way to get Tap Tycoon free Diamonds. This way is based on my own experience when I was get frustrated in playing this game. Actually, it is easy to play but, after a long time playing this game, I feel that I need to use the Diamonds. I know that it is hard to get Diamonds for this game. I feel the same like all of you, guys. For that reason, I give you tips for Tap Tycoon.



Before that, let me tell you a little about my experience. I have played this game for months and I’m so excited about it. But, by the time I feel tired for tapping and tapping again for many times. I think that I should use the Diamonds to help me. But, I don’t have so much money to buy it and I feel frustrated about that. When I’m in the bad mood to play this game, I just searching on the internet to find something that may help me. I’m searching for hours and I was shocked when I saw a website that can give me Tap Tycoon free Diamonds just for free.

At first, I’m thinking is it for real or it is just a fake. I still hesitate about it and I think that I shouldn’t use it for a reason. But, I have no other way to help me so I decided to try it and hoping that it is real and it can give me tons of Diamonds. So, I visit that website and I read about it for awhile and followed the instructions that have been given. Then, I brave myself to click the button with a little worry that my device will get infected by the virus. But, after I wait for a few seconds, wow, I’m amazed because I got the Diamonds for real. And it was sent straight to my game account without any virus attacking my device. I feel so happy for that. Now, let’s check out how I can get the Diamonds.

How to Get Tap Tycoon Free Diamonds in Instant Way?

So, if you want to be like me, you can try this Tap Tycoon hack to help you to get so much Diamonds. I’m sure that you will have the same feeling like me after you use it. I suggest you use it immediately if you want to get Diamonds in instant. Don’t hesitate, guys because I have used it and it is really working. Just for information that you just need to follow the instructions that have been given like I said before and then you will get your Diamonds. It is so easy, right?


That is all about Tap Tycoon tips that I can share to all of you for today. I hope that it will be useful enough for you. And I never tired of reminding you to always visit my website if you want to find some information, tips and much more. Okay then, this is the end of my article and don’t forget to share. Thank you, guys, see you.

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