A Console game already become an important part of a gamer. If you are one of them, you will agree with our statement. Right now, 2017 almost over, we will list the best game consoles which you can collect to satisfy your gaming needs. Find out the lists below.

Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch

The newest console from Nintendo after the failure of Wii U. What makes this one amazing, you can both play on the TV like PS 4 and change it into a handheld form like Nintendo 3DS. You can also take off the d-pad when playing it on the TV. The pad will act as a controller. Unfortunately, the battery it is not really powerful if you play the game in handheld mode. It can only survive up to 3 hours. Now, for the graphics quality, it is on par with Wii U. The remarkable game from this console without a doubt are Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild.

PlayStation 4

ps 4

In the second place, we have PS 4 which have solid games line up. Actually, if we compare with another console game in term of game quality, PS 4 become the winner. Why? The reason is quite simple because many great games come to this console. Especially for people who played RPG game, this is the best console for you. To make it more awesome, you can play VR game which is a plus point. As for the game, we have Final Fantasy XV who push this console engine to its own limit. The best FF game out there although many people do not agree because the gameplay completely changes from usual game.

Xbox One

xbox one

The rival of PS 4. Xbox one does not want to lose either. In term of graphics quality and online service, Xbox one surpasses PS 4. So, it is no wonder the price of this console really expensive. Microsoft Corporation wants to give users the same experience to access an online feature in a game console like PC. If you love shooting game or RTS, this is the best one. You can find tremendous of shooting game in this console.


nintendo 3ds

On the last entry, we have the Nintendo handheld. We can say for sure in term of handheld experience, 3DS is the best. As for PS Vita, it is already failed to deliver it. If you looking for a game console which you can bring anywhere, you already find it. The 3D effects, dual cameras, and big screen (4,8 inches for 3DS XL) are enough to make you satisfied. The best games from this console are Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and Mario series.


So, which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below. As for us, all of them is the best one. It is back to the people again, what game do you want to play? If you can answer this question, you will find which match your style.