Hello, guys, welcome back to my website, the┬ábest place to gain your knowledge because there are so many information and tips from this website. Okay, I wanna ask you a question. Have you ever imagine that there are some animals which have an overwhelming size? They really exist, guys. Some of them even have a bigger size than a house. You might be surprised if you know their size. And now let’s see what are the largest animals on earth that still exist until now.

The Largest Animals On Earth

Blue Whale

Blue Whale is the biggest living animal on earth. They are a giant marine mammal that lives under the ocean. Their length can reach up to 30 meters and with a maximum weight reaching around 180 tons. Even their tongue is as weight as an elephant. Wow, what a big animal, isn’t it?

Colossal Squid


Do you know what is the squid? Yeah, it is one of the sea animals that often used as a food. It can be fried, boiled, grilled and even made a soup. But, do you know that there is a giant squid alive in this world? Yeah, it is called Colossal Squid. He is the largest squid species in terms of mass. Can you imagine the squid with a size around 14 meters long and more than 700 kg? I’m sure it won’t run out for a year.

African Elephant


African Elephant is the largest living land animal. This animal can weigh up to 7 tons, with 11 meters length from its trunk to the tail. This elephant also can reach around 4 meters height. As the biggest herbivore, elephant usually hunted to get its tusk. Can you imagine if you get struck down by this giant mammal? I can’t even imagine that, LOL.


She is the tallest living animal on this planet because she can reach up to 6 meters tall from her toe until the horns. Actually, she becomes the tallest animal because of her long neck where maybe her neck is as tall as her legs. And with a weight around 2 tons makes her become one of the largest animals on this land.

Brown And Polar Bear

These two bears are the biggest living carnivores that live on earth. With a weight more than 900kg or around a ton. And they can reach up to 3 meters tall when they are standing with their hind legs. It means that they are taller than us.

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