Hi, buddies welcome to my website. My topic for today is about the most popular food in Asia. Do you love to eat? Have you tried the culinary in Asia? What kind of Asia’s culinary that you have tried? As we know, the food in Asia is really different than in the America or Europe. The taste is really strong and delicious. The reason behind the delicious taste is because they add some traditional herbs into their cooking. That’s why I think that Asian cuisine is tastier than the others. Asian people is still using their old method of cooking the food. It is different if you compare Asian food to the Western which used modern ways of cooking the food. And of course, there are a lot of tasty food around Asia that you can try. So, let’s find out some of the best food in Asia below, guys.

The Most Popular Food In Asia | Top 4

Fried Rice

This food is really popular in Asia. It can be said as the most popular one. But, for me, it is not only popular but also the tastiest food in the world. The countries in Asia must have this kind of food. But of course, they have their own version in cooking fried rice. And that’s why fried rice is really unique because it is different in each country. Actually, it is just a simple food. It is just rice which fried on a pan with an egg and some other ingredients such as soy sauce, vegetables, onion, etc.


Sushi is made from rice which combined with fish, seaweed, and other ingredients. This Japanese food is really popular not only in Asia but also around the world. Many people have already known this kind of food. The unique of this food is that the fish is not cooked at all. The fish which used as the ingredients is still raw. But, with some traditional seasoning, the stench of the fish can be removed.

Tom Yum

Tom Yum is originally from Thailand but it has been so popular around Asia especially in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and some South East Asia’s countries. It is suitably served with or without rice. This food is categorized as soup which made with shrimp, chicken, fish, mushroom and some other ingredients. They are mixed with a spicy sauce in one bowl.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum is also really popular like Sushi. People from around the world must know this kind of food. This food was made by the Chinese which served in a small steamer basket. It usually served together with tea. Dim Sum is really easy to be found, you just need to find the closest Chinese restaurant. They must serve it in their restaurant.

That’s all that I can share about the most popular food in Asia for today. I hope you like this article and it can be a reference for you who want to find some delicious cuisine from Asia. And don’t hesitate to share your comments on the comment box below, okay. I think this is the end of my article, thank for reading, guys and see you in my next article.