Hello, my friends, it is good to see you visiting my website again. How are you today? I hope you are in a good condition. Today, I will give you tips for Modern Combat 5 to all of you. Do you know this game? I’m sure that you already know it because it is very popular among FPS lovers. This game has been downloaded by million players from around the world. That is just one of the reasons of why this game is so popular. So now, don’t waste time anymore and let’s read this article.

Modern Combat 5 Review

Modern Combat 5 was published by Gameloft and released in 2014. This game is a first person shooter where we have to shoot all of the enemies by using the gun. There are tons of weapons that you can choose and use in the battlefield start from the machine gun, sniper and much more. Here, you can upgrade your weapon to make you easier in killing your enemies.

This game has two different modes. The first mode is a single player mode. Here, we play the story line of this game and finish the missions along the game. The mode is very exciting to play because there are lots of chapters that we have to clear. The second, a multiplayer mode where you can play together with your friends or the people from around the world. Here, you can test your skill by competing with real players.

Overall, it has a very good graphic and details because it is so realistic for a mobile game. You will be amazed when you see the graphic with your own eyes. The gameplay is also good and I can guarantee that you won’t be bored in playing this game.

Tips For Modern Combat 5

Now, in this section, I will give you some tips to help your progress in this game. First, you need to upgrade your weapon to make it stronger. You will need a weapon with a big firepower because it can help you to kill the enemies easier. You also need to increase its accuracy to make you easier to find your target and there are still more that you can do with your weapon.

The second, if you are running out of Credits you can use the Diamond that you have to buy some Credits. Then, you can also spend it to buy some weapons which still unlocked. It can help you to get a better weapon although you have not reached the level which needed to unlock it. Sometimes I do this to get the weapon in an easier way.

This is the last Modern Combat 5 tips and it is my favorite, it is by using Modern Combat 5 hack. I found this link from a website when I was searching on the internet. When I tried it, I was so surprised because it can give me lots of Credits in an instant without paying anything. So, I suggest you use it and you will get your Credits straight to your game account like me.

Okay, guys, that’s all that I can tell you about tips for Modern Combat 5 for today. I hope this tips can help your progress in this game. And if you have some tips which can help other players, please share it with us. If you have a comment just give it to me, I will be glad to recieve it. Then, this is the end of my article, thanks for reading and see you.