Block Strike Weapon Guide || The Best Weapon Which You Choose in this Game!

block strike weapon guide

Block Strike one of the fun game on the smartphone which you can play together with your friends or alone. We are sure you have the same opinion as us.  Although the graphics are not really good, it can captive everyone heart to play it. Now, the reason why we made this guide because we want to tell you the best weapon in this game. Feel free to see Block Strike weapon guide to help you choose the best one.

Sub Machine Gun (P90)

This is the most classic and the useful one. The recoil of this weapon is really fast, so you can fire immediately without any delay. For the players who recently started the game, this is the best one indeed to help you learn about shooting game. Be sure to upgrade this one to the max to unleash its full potential.

Assault Rifle ( AK47)

If we talk about assault rifle, AK 47 is the best choice. We are sure you know this famous gun really well. The precision when you shooting with this gun is top notch. Also, the gun is quite light, so your character can run faster. Remember, the weight of the weapon affects your movement. In order to become the easy target of the opponent shooting range, you need to choose the suitable weapon.

block strike gun

Sniper  (AWP)

Not all people can become a great sniper. You need a great skill to shoot from afar or you cannot master the weapon effectively. Of course, you can bring the weapon close to the enemy but you will the one who lost the match first because it is quite hard to shoot AWP from short-range. For people who love to become a sniper, AWP is the greatest weapon which you can choose right away.

Shotgun ( Nova)

The best shotgun you can use in the game. We really like the impact of the gun. It will move an opponent from their position few inch. This is a great chance to shoot once again. In that state, your opponent cannot do anything except stay silent. You need a lot of currency to buy this one. But we think it is worth the effort.

block strike gameplay

Final Words

Now, you already know the best weapon which you can use in the game. If you need another recommendation, do not hesitate to write down your problem in the comment section below. We will gladly help you anytime. For people who want to get the currency right away, visit the link below.

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