Fire Emblem Warriors Review || Amazing Action Game Which Capture Everyone Hearts!

fire emblem warriors review

Fire Emblem, one of the legendary strategy RPG from Nintendo. You already how amazing this game. In the newest FE, Nintendo takes a different approach. This game becomes an action genre similar to Dynasty Warriors. You can meet many different Fire Emblem characters. Unfortunately, not all of them make an appearance. For further information about this, see Fire Emblem Warriors review.

Two Protagonists

You need to choose between male and female protagonist in this game. Actually, it does not matter which one you choose, both of them have the same skills. In other words, they only have different looks. If you want more strength, choose the male lead. If you want more resistance to magic, the female lead is the best choice. Also, both of them have the same storyline. We do not see any purpose why the developer insists us to choose the protagonist.


fire emblem warriors gameplay

This is one play similarly to Dynasty Warriors game. So, if you already familiar with that game, you will not find any difficulty. You still need to take the enemy fort and base camp in order to win the game. What we really like in this one, you can order the characters to go to the specific location and capture the enemy base automatically. You can also change the character in the middle of the battle. Do not forget the special skill. The function is the same as Dynasty game. You can also unleash a special skill with your partner to deal greater damage.

3DS or Nintendo Switch Version?

This game released on 3DS and Nintendo Switch. So, which one you need to pick? Actually, there is no different at all. If you want a bigger screen and better graphics, of course, Nintendo Switch version is the one you should aim. If you want to have an easy navigation to play the game, 3DS version is the best. You can focus battle the enemy on the above screen and the bottom screen, you can see all the useful information about the map, enemies, and the objective.


  • All Characters have fantastic combo scene
  • There is no complicated mechanism to play the game. Everyone can play it easily
  • There are many character costumes which you can unlock

fire emblem warriors attack


  • Repetitive gameplay which leads to boredom
  • There are not many characters to use
  • It is quite hard to obtain a high-quality weapon


If you love Fire Emblem franchise, you need to try this game. The iconic characters in this game like Marth and Chrom already enough to play this. As for the score, we give it 80. It is not that bad as you think. If you want another great action game, we have the unique one entitled Shadow Fight 3. See the amazingness right away!

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