Hill Climb Racing Coins Tips || How to Get Coins Easily in the Game

hill climb coins tips

How is your progress in Hill Climb Racing? Hopefully, you can play this game without any problem. If you have a problem especially with coins, we can help you. You must read Hill Climb Racing coins tips from ours. We will tell you the fast way to obtain coins immediately. Without any further ado, let us get tons of coins in this game!


Here, we will tell you what you need to do before you obtain the coins.

hill climb racing moon

Choose the Best Vehicle

In order to get more coins, you need to use the suitable vehicle for a mission. Before that, you need to check your inventory you have the vehicle or not. What you need are Snowmobile, tank, the kiddie train, and bicycle. Be sure to prepare these vehicles. We recommend you unlock all of them with your precious coins. Do not need to worry, you can get it back instantly.

Upgrade Your Vehicle

Upgrade all your vehicles which we mention above. This is a really crucial thing which you must do in this game. It does not matter you cannot fully maximize the status. At least you can upgrade all of them. It is better than nothing. So, do not need to worry to sacrifice a lot of coins in the process.


We have some stages which you can use to farm coins instantly. You will get tons of it immediately if you follow our recommendation.

hill climb racing air time


The best thing about this stage because you can find many jumping points. It means you can do air-time regularly and collect many coins in the process. We are sure you can feel the differences between another stage and this one. Do not choose a light vehicle or it will flip away easily. Our recommendation is Snowmobile or tank. Even though both of them start slowly this is the best vehicle which you can use.


You will find many coins scattered around on the stages. You can choose the vehicles you want to use from a bicycle and the kiddie train. If you choose bicycle you can easily go to the above road which has more coins to obtain. If you want to play safe, you can choose the kiddie train instead. This vehicle has a good balance. The success rate to finish the stage is almost 100% but the coins you get is not that much.

Final Words

That is about the tips. Hopefully, you can get the main currency of the game easily. We pray for you the best. If you still have difficulties, we recommend you use our findings. Click Hill Climb Racing hack tool to get unlimited coins. This is your greatest chance to get it within a second. We also have an article to help you recognize kinds transportation that exists around us. Do not forget to see it.

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