How To Clean The House | 6 Steps To Get A Clean House

how to clean the house

Cleaning the house is one of our daily activity that we have to do for each day. The objective of doing this activity is to clean the dirt, dust and other dirty things that stuck and spread around our house. But, do you know where you have to start cleaning? And by the way, how to clean it? Don’t worry, guys because I will give you some tips on how to clean the house that you can apply at home. I’m sure you will love to clean everything after you read this article.

How To Clean The House

Make A List First

I have six steps to clean a house and this is the first one. When you want to clean your house, don’t just get started without any plan. I suggest you make a list and decide which one do you want to clean first. This way will help you to do your job faster and more effective. I always do this first before I clean my house.

Clean The Furniture

Before you clean the floor, better you clean all of your furniture first such as wardrobe, table, chair and etc so you don’t need to sweep the floor twice. Use a wet cloth to clean the dust which sticks on your furniture. Make sure you clean all of it so it can be free from the dust.

Go To The kitchen

After you clean all the furniture, it is time to go to the kitchen. Here, you have to clean the equipment that you have used to cook the food such as frying pan, spatula, plate, spoon and much more. We have to clean them all from the grease and oil. Then, dry it one by one and put them to the place where they belong to. And don’t forget to wash the kitchen sink after that.

Now It Is Your Bedroom’s Turn

You sleep and take a rest in this room. Of course, it must be mess up after you have used this room. So, the next step is clean your bedroom. You can start with tidying up the mattress, organize your clothes, the paper that you have thrown to the floor and other small things that scattered on the floor. Put back your clothes to the closet if it hasn’t used or brought it to the laundry if you have used it.

Clean the Bathroom

Bathroom needs to be clean up regularly. So, in this room, you have to clean the toilet, shower or tub and the other things that available in this room. Cleaning the bathroom is important to stay away from the bacteria and virus which can bring disease.

Sweep And Mop The Floor

This will be my last tips to clean the house for today. After you have done all of the things above, it is time to clean up the floor around your house. I used to sweep the floor first to clean the dust and dirt which spread on the floor before I mop it up. But, if you don’t want to use the broom, you can use the vacuum cleaner. This thing will make your job easier and you don’t have to waste a lot of energy.

It is easy to clean the house, right? I’m sure you will love to do this job after you apply my tips above. Then, I think that’s all about how to clean the house that I can share with all of you. I hope it can help you a lot. Thank you, guys, for reading this article and don’t forget to leave your comment.

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