How to Understand Women Better? See The Tips on Volunteertimes!

understand women

A woman is really hard to understand sometimes. You need to have a good skill to understand what they mean. If you cannot do that, they will get upset at you. For men who hard to understand women, we created simple tips to help you. Hopefully, it works 100% because women behavior is really hard to read.

Biological Differences

The first one is about the biological differences. Men tend to think logically. But, women cannot do the same. They will use their feeling instead think logically. As the men, you need to understand this. Sometimes, we can see why women and men have a fight because of this problem. Also, they also more sensitive than men. So, we need to care for them.


Each woman has different behavior. For example, you have a sister and she is like to buy many accessories to make her prettier. But, you cannot think all women do the same. We live our own life, you will find different behavior in each human being. From now on you cannot think all women is the same.

Good Listener

This one is really surprising indeed. A Woman really like a man who can listen to their story all the time. You do not need to give any answer, just listen is enough to lift a problem in their heart. Of course, not only women but also men feel the same. But, most of the women in this world really like this method.

man and woman

Have a Sense of Humor

A woman like a man who has a sense of humor. They will feel happy around you because you can make them laugh easily. That is why, if you have a woman you love, the first thing you must do it to make them laugh. Believe it or not, they will give you a slight interest. It means, you already get inside their interest zone. So, you can process further with your relationship.

Ask Simple Questions

If you want to understand women better. You can ask them simple questions like their hobby, passion and the purpose for the future. Most women tend to be shy if they do not recognize you. So, for the starter, you can ask a simple question to make them interested in you.


It is not hard to understand women if you know the key. The important one, you need to watch out your words when talking to a woman. If you upset her, it will take a long time to recover from it. We are sure you already know what we mean by it.

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