Kinds Of Transportation That Exists Around Us

kinds of transportation

Transportation is a thing that used to help us to reach faraway places. By using a transportation we can reach a faraway place in a very short time. Can you imagine if we have to travel to some places which have a long distance without the help of transportation? It must be very tiring if we have to walk to go to a faraway place. But, do you know what are the kinds of transportation that exist around us. For that reason today, I will tell you some of them.

Kinds Of Transportation


People knew this vehicle not only by the name of the motorcycle but also motorbike, bike, or cycle. The motorcycle can also be used for several purposes such as long distance travel and sport. People often used this transportation to reach some faraway place. But, it can only accommodate two people. Even so, this vehicle is very popular because it is cheaper than any other transportation. This is the best vehicle for me.


The car is a four wheels vehicle which designed to be used on the road and can accommodate up to 8 passengers depends on the types of the car. If it is a saloon car, it can only accommodate up to five or six persons. But, if it is an SUV car, it can accommodate up to 8 persons where one of the passengers will be the driver. This transportation commonly used by the civilians so they can bring the whole family when they are about to go on holiday or some kind of that.


The bus usually used as a public transportation which can carry many passengers more than 20 people. In some country like England, there is a double decker bus which has a second floor. Actually, the bus can be used not only for public transportation but also as a school bus which used to carry the students.


This snake look alike transport is used to carry some cargo or passengers. Actually, the train was inspired by the form of a snake. Unlike the other vehicles which run on the road, this one is designed to runs on the rail which made from steel. This public transportation can carry more than hundreds of people at once. The train cannot stop at any place because it must stop at the train station to lower and raise passengers.


People often call this vehicle as the aeroplane or just plane. This is the only transportation that can fly in the air because of its form which inspired from the bird and jets that used to help this thing fly. It can reach a long distance place in a very short time. That’s why people often use it to travel from one city or country to another. And for me, this is the best public transportation in the world.

As a conclusion, we can say that transportations are really useful for all people. Without it, it is hard for us to go from one place to another. Okay, guys, I think that’s all some kinds of transportation that exist around us. I hope my article today can enrich your knowledge in the field of transportation. Thank you then, and see you…

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