MAN! I Just Got Free Starbucks Voucher from Star Code!

Starbucks star code

For everyone who loves drinking a coffee at Starbucks. They should know what star code is, we are sure you would like to get free star code. Anyway, we have a great experience with this all as we receive free Starbucks star code to our account.

It is really hard to believe at the first time because to get star code is quite hard. Maybe, we must order hundreds drink to get free redeem for the coffee itself. However, it comes to my mind that I have to do it as I was lack of money.

Let us make the story short, I tried the generator of star code itself. I was unsure at the first time but I would give one shoot there to see what happen. After filling out my email and username. Then, create a connection to the server.

Finally, I received my free code. It was sent to my email within a min. I was so happy at that time because I do not get the star code but I got the free voucher but hold on, I thought it was a star code.

How do I know if this voucher is valid? I went into Starbucks in the Evening to ask about the voucher. I was at the cashier, the queue is a bit long so I have to wait. After my waiting time, I met the cashier and I show the voucher. I wish it is valid because I was hanging out with my GF there and I was lack of money.

After, the cashier took away my voucher and give it to his acquaintance.  Then, he said that this voucher is valid and it worth $ 50 but I must use the balance as the remaining cannot be withdrawn and I need to provide my identity. I still remembered that day, the first day I can buy many coffees as I want. 😀

If you guys want to know how did I get it, you can check Starbucks star code page. I am sure you would need it because it is free. Unfortunately, we can only exchange it once per event. Anyway, you can use your mother name after this. Lol.

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