Roblox Customization Guide || Customize your Roblox Looks Right Away!

roblox customization guide

Day by day, this one is really entertaining. You can do many unexpected things in this game. That is why the population of the players who play this increase dramatically. We also played this game, it is not easy to part away with this. Here, we will offer you Roblox customization guide. We will you give you the passcode and guidance to have the best avatar looks.

Customization Guide

Here we will explain all the items which you can use to customize your avatar and change the appearance completely. Of course, this is based on our opinion. If you have a different thought, we cannot blame you.

roblox avatar customization


For the face part, we choose alien and awkward grin. Both of them is the best for us. We always change into one of them. Also, in some stages, both of them really crucial. For example, if you play on the stage which uses alien theme and wear an alien part on your avatar, you will get more reward at the end of the stage. Do not forget the bonus item which scatters on the stage.

The Passcode

Alien: 31317701

Awkward Grin: 15018250


As for the hairstyle, we choose Afro as the best one. There is no significant effect if you change your hairstyle onto it. But, you can imagine how ridiculous if we combine it with alien face. Remember this is a fun game, you need to make your avatar looks fun.

The Passcode

Afro: 12270336


For you who do not like to wear a hat on your Roblox avatar, you can ignore this one. But, if you love to wear them you need to read this one at all cost. We have some best hat you can equip. We have three favorite hats, there are Alpaca Mount, Racing Helmet, and Ranger Hat. As for the looks, you do not need to doubt it. This is the best one you can acquire.

The Passcode

Alpaca Mount: 34668599

Racing Helmet: 6379764/

Ranger Helmet: 13335289

roblox avatar editor


Last but not least, you can equip accessories to make your character looks perfect. There are many accessories which you can use. Some of them have an additional buff. Of course, this is your task to find out which one has a great ability. As for us, we like Guitar Sword and Beast Claws. Unfortunately, both of them only a normal accessories. But, it is really cool to bring a guitar sword in this game.

The Passcode

Guitar: 60357982

Beast Claws: 10528976

Final Words

Do you like our customization recommendation? If so, we really happy. Do not forget to tell us which looks you prefer from our guide. We will gladly to hear it. Now, for people who do not have enough resources, you can visit this great website. Here, you can get Roblox free Robux to buy your resource immediately.

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