Tips To Act Well – Some Useful Tips That You Can Try

tips to act well

Nowadays, there are so many people from the children to the adult who have a dream of becoming an actor or actress. People think to become an actor or actress is a fun job. Some of them may think that it is easy to do and will earn them a lot of money. But, do you know that actually, it is not that easy. Yeah, do an acting is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. But, you can do it if you learn a lot. That’s why will give you some tips to act well which can help you to achieve your dream. So now, let’s check it out, guys.

Tips To Act Well

Read The Content Of The Story

Before you start your acting, you need to read the story that you want to play. You don’t have to read all of the full stories, just a few scenes are enough to make you understand what you will play. By figure out the genre, and the characters in the play, you will know it easily and help you to act.

Learn About The Character

If you want to know how to act very well it is by learning the character. We cannot play a character without knowing anything such as who is he/she and what is their personality. It is almost impossible. But, since now is a modern era where we can find a lot of information really fast, we can do a research about the character that we want to play. You can find the character profiles and etc from the Google or other resources to help you to understand more about him/her so you can act really well.

Play The Character

After you have found the information that you need about him/her, it is time to get into their shoes. You have to act like you were them. In this phase, you have to do everything that your character’s do. You have to speak like them, walk like them, and anything that your character usually do. And it is better if you have a friend that can help you to do it.

Read The Script

You have to remember when you have to start and wait for the other character to speak. Read the script carefully and think how fast or slow your character will say the words. Just feel that you are the character and you are in the story.

Make Some Improvisation

If you want to be a good actor/actress, you need to know when you have to add some improvisation. As we know, sometimes there is no hint of what the character would do. So, we cannot tell anything what will they do when they are crying or angry. Then, all you have to do is think like you were them. Do everything that you think your character would do.


Practice is the last tips to acting better. If you have understood everything about your character, it is time to take a practice. You can practice¬†alone or with some help from your friends. Don’t be shy to ask what you should do if you are still confused. Practice is really important to make your acting better. Remember that practice makes perfect.

I have told you all the tips to act well that I know. I hope all the tips above can help you to play your role well. Then, thanks for reading and don’t forget to visit volunteertimes to find more tips and information. See you, guys.

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