Warframe Platinum Guide || The Best Method to Earn Platinum!

warframe platinum guide

Everyone already knows how hard to get the main currency in this game. Because the developer will not give you easily especially for you who want to buy it with real money. For some people, they do not have any problem to purchase it but for the one who does not want to waste their money, see Warframe Platinum guide to help you solve your problem.


This is the easiest way to get platinum. You need to go to the trading forum and see the items which everyone wants. They will offer Platinum as the exchange for the item. We recommend going to the void mission to get the item. This is the best method to obtain it. Remember to get the highest rarity to get much currency. You can also offer your rare item to get the tremendous Platinum amount. But we do not recommend it. Probably all users in this game already know how hard to get a rare item. Keep it at all cost

Win a Competition

Sometimes, the game will open up a mini competition. If you manage to clear it, you can get platinum in return. Remember, this is limited time event. Clear it as soon as possible. If you have a hard time to do it alone, you have your friends to depend on.

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Clan Prizes

Join a clan as soon as possible to get the free reward each month. The reward is random but you can get platinum in return. You can also participate in the clan battle regularly. If your clan become the winner, you can claim free platinum. For that reason, you must have a strong clan take advantages of it.

Twitter Quiz

The developer will give you 1000 platinum if you can answer the simple quiz on the official twitter account. But you need to be fast as possible because not only you who participate in the quiz. That is why you need to open your Twitter regularly for more information. Can you imagine what you can do with that tremendous amount of currency? We are sure you will become the richest person in the game.


Now, you already know how to get it. If you still have a hard time to obtain it, just PM us. We will tell you right away. We have a parting gift for you. Click Warframe free Platinum to visit a good website. We are sure you already know what you will get from it. We almost forgot, we also have the best game hack website which we review recently.

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